The Hook Up Culture

We recently took our kids on a tour of College of the Ozarks. 
This picture was from the museum where they have a lot of stuffed wild animals. 
While these animals are no longer dangerous, it serves as a reminder
of how many predators are out there waiting to pounce on our children.


We’ve been sold a lie. Individuals, families, and churches have suffered great harm from the sexual revolution.  The internet has only intensified the ease and speed with which perverts, naive lonely people, and morally bankrupt people can find each other.

We have to shield our kids from as much as we can, but the culture is not supportive of traditional families or traditional values.  It’s to the point where the more bizarre or deviant the lifestyle is, the more “cool” it is regarded.

We need to stop being sucked into a false philosophy.  Children have a right to know their mother and father and enjoy the stability created by all family members with the same last name, who live in the same house together, identify with the same values and are attached in a meaningful way to the family tree.

There may be reasons why an intact family may not be possible, but when this happens, it is always a symptom of a tragedy, whether by death or a moral shipwreck.  It’s okay to be living with the fallback plan, but it’s not okay for that to be the norm.

The pro-life movement needs to realize that the problems driving women to the abortion chambers started long before they ended up on the doorstep of these clinics.  Our efforts to strengthen the family affect the numbers of women trying to abort their offspring.  If your family has been harmed by the sexual revolution, I offer you deepest sympathy.  Stay in the fight and ask God to help you.

Here are some places that may help:

1.)  Ruth Institute
2.)  Focus on the Family
3.)  Dr. Meg Meeker

The culture has become so off base, we now feel like counter-cultural radicals just to have peace in our families.  The way to “Make America Great Again” starts with our efforts to “Make the Family Great Again”!

Please share your experience.  What kind of harm have you seen because of the sexual revolution and what do you think families need most?

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  • Steve Collier

    40 Days for Life is a great organization that works world-wide to shut down abortion clinics around the world. They have peaceful demonstrations in St. Louis at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Go onto their web site for more details. Above all, pray for their success and for the mothers and children who are at risk.

    • Mrs. Beth Sykora

      Steve Collier is so right about 40 Days for Life! Please Google them and join the group! They also have peaceful, prayerful presence in Columbia and Kansans City, Missouri, and Overland Park, Kansas! They have saved over 14,000 babies since 2009!
      Peaceful in Christ to everyone reading this, joining 40 Days for Life, and whomever else you pray for.

  • Bob Peck

    Love your statement that the way to make America Great Again is to MAKE THE FAMILY GREAT AGAIN. Improving the economy and getting everyone employed is fine, but it’s pointless if all we are doing is becoming more financially prosperous broken and dysfunctional individuals who don’t know what a family is or what our role in it is. Cheering for prosperity without morality is kind of like cheering for shoveling more coal into the boiler of the Titanic so we can ram the iceberg harder.

    Okay, need to run out and get me a MFGA hat.

  • Mrs. Beth Sykora

    Everyone in my family that has been married is now divorced except for myself and my brother. And we wonder if he and his wife will divorce. My husband has a father married three times as is my stepfather. My father used Playboy , my Mother romance novels and satanic things for years. My Dad had her tubes removed which emotionally destabilized her/ us for years. I watched as a friend nearly lost her arm due to a inserted chemical temporary sterile surgery, then both my stepnieces did the same procedure! At times, fighting abortion has been scary! I have been morbidly overweight since 10. I am now 56! STD rates went from 3 to over 80, and I am certain I know people with one. I had friends with more illigatimate children then marriages, and one illigatimate child in our family. Two in vitro fertilization children in our family will NEVER know their fathers, on purpose, because of their own mothers sheer thoughtlessness! My brother and two of my stepbrothers were taking illegal drugs because of this for over 20 years. Devastating effects of all of this for my family’s four generations, and portions of every community we live in. There is more, but it’s too hurtful to write. I very much THANK GOD that he is also in/my family’s lives! Life would not be worth living without Him, and I am not just saying that. I’m still married to my first and only husband of 17 years and happy about it!

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