Insurance for What?

Mandates are another form of taxation because they force you to accept decisions that you otherwise would not have made and you will pay for something you did not want to purchase.  You are being compelled to support a product or viewpoint that was so unpopular that without the iron fist of government, you would not want it.  The Obamacare mandate is a new tax on life.  Anybody who has a life is now forced to pay for existence.

Want to know what you are paying for this time?  The White House just announced it made a new law mandating all medical insurance companies to pay for contraceptives, abortifacients and sterilizations starting in August. Furthermore, they are prohibited from receiving any co-payments or deductibles. This is un-American on many levels.  This administration is on the wrong side of the constitution once again.

The first question is why the congress is allowing the executive branch of government to have lawmaking authority.  As a member of the legislative branch for over 16 years, I can speak for the legislative branch.  We should never allow a usurpation of our jurisdiction.  The proper role for the executive of our country is to be our commander in chief and a diplomat who encourages congress to pass laws that strengthen our country.

The second question is why the insurance companies are not screaming bloody murder?  They should be on the forefront of this fight to preserve every vestige of capitalism in our free market system.  For their own self interest, they ought to demand that they be allowed to function as a business and an industry designed to serve customers based upon new and innovative products.  This program will remove competitive advantages and mitigate the value of shopping for tailored coverage available through different insurance companies.  They are standing by while the national government is turning them into another bureaucratic arm of government.

The third problem is this is the most controversial area of medicine.  Even if we were to agree on mandates, why not mandate something that doesn’t violate our consciences such as dental services?  For the government to ask the public to violate their consciences is absolutely wrong.  Even if you don’t use the sterilization, abortifacient or contraceptive services, you will be paying for others.  This will drive up the costs of the premiums for everybody.


Last week while Alan Keyes was speaking, he said the rights given by our Creator are based upon us doing what is good.  We don’t have rights in this country to do what is harmful or bad.

Finally, medical treatments for promiscuity don’t solve the root problem, nor do they address the devastating mental and emotional consequences.  Free drugs and surgeries designed around an industry that exists to serve the sexually incontinent still fall short of preventing all unwed pregnancies.

As your Lieutenant Governor, I will fight to preserve the standards and values we enjoy in Missouri without intrusion of the national government.  We owe it to our residents to make sure they are free to support the programs that benefit our moral and ethical fiber.  We are brave, strong and principled.

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A Little Bit of Humor…

Hospital Visitation
Fred was unfortunate enough to be hit by a 10-ton truck and landed up in the hospital, in intensive care.  His best friend Morris came to visit him.   
Fred struggles to tell Morris, “My wife Sally visits me three times a day.  She’s so good to me.  Every day, she reads to me at the bedside.”
“What does she read?”
“My life insurance policy.”

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