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How To Change Our Culture

Last weekend, Bernie and I went to Dallas, Texas to attend a conference presented by Wallbuilders.  We were with some of the front line signature scholars and historians who helped analyze what happened in the election.  David Barton shared with us that he knew a lot of good candidates were going to lose when he saw how the ballot issues were going.  Categorically, America voted for bigger government and lower moral standards.  We are reaping the results of what we have sown in our educational system.  If you teach students that moral values don’t matter, history is meaningless and the constitution is insignificant, this will be the final product.  Yet, if we respond appropriately, there is good reason to believe we can still educate our friends, neighbors and families.
Glenn Beck also spoke and shared some interesting insights about how to avoid the mistakes that will lead us further down the path of destruction and how to stay strong in the face of adversity.  America was founded on bravery and faith in the Providence of Almighty God to save us despite the odds.

I met with Twila Paris the Saturday before the election and was able to tell her how many times her songs went through my head during our campaign:
“The Warrior is a Child” and “God is in Control”.
We need to stay together and remember what is important.  I’m still here.  You’re still here.  Let’s continue to be a conscience for others in our communities.  When you are around the Thanksgiving table, don’t bore everyone by staying away from religion and politics.  Keep it interesting.  That’s how we change our culture!
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