Last Ounce of Courage

What is it going to take?

There are few things in life more discouraging than knowing how to correct the course of our state and nation, yet not being able to do it.  A St. Louis Post Dispatch article this week mentioned me in an article about who will run for mayor of my city.

Last  week we watched the DVD of the movie “The Last Ounce of Courage”.

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It’s a story of a mayor from a city who was brave enough to stand on his rights and the rights of the city to preserve their freedom of speech.  By the end of the movie, the mayor was impeached, arrested, and his character had been maligned with falsehoods.  After an outcome like that, it’s hard to understand why anyone would want to be in public office.

We may be going into a time when it is no longer possible for good people to get elected, and the few good people left in office will be marginalized to the point where they are ineffective.  I could list several examples, but you probably know plenty of them.

Yet, there are many reasons to stay engaged in our government.  One reason is that our involvement is delaying the destruction of our economy and morals.  Instead of looking at the battles we are losing, look at how much worse it could be without us.  Even if it feels like we are going off a cliff, we will go over the edge even quicker if good people go away.

The financial crisis we are in is a moral crisis—one created by a failure of parents, churches and schools to teach the difference between right and wrong.  While some still do, we are at a point where the majority don’t.  Reversing this trend could happen overnight if we adopted the will to do so.

Our government cannot give us more liberty than what the citizens desire.  Therefore, the changes we need must come from the people.  The solution lies within God’s willingness to awaken us and our willingness to be awakened.

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