Why I am Pro-Life

Pro-Life-2011-5_sm“Every year for the eight years I served in the legislature, Missouri Right to Life brought a long stemmed rose to my office the third week of January with a note memorializing the unborn. It means a lot to me to show you my Right to Life roses with our message of honoring life.”

The majority of our citizens are pro-life, yet our laws still allow abortion.  This dichotomy leaves people confused about life issues, so I offer you my thoughts to encourage you and lend some clarity to the ongoing debate.

1.)     I am pro-woman:  Abortion is degrading and disrespectful to women.  They deserve better than to be ushered into the abortion clinics.  Many feminists agree with me on this point.  http://www.feministsforlife.org/

Most women have a natural instinct to protect their offspring.  When women destroy their unborn, it hurts them as well as the life growing inside of them.  Abortion is a symptom of a deeper problem.  When we find better ways of addressing the root cause, the need to exterminate ourselves vanishes.  The suicide rate for women who have had abortions is six times greater than for the rest of the population and many are coerced into making what many say was the worst decision of their lives.  Abortion is the opposite of love.

2.)     I am pro-family:  One problem with the abortion industry is that it ignores the obvious relationships that exist between parents and children.  Many parents would have been willing to offer support and help to their pregnant unmarried daughters if only they had known of the problem.  Because of the way our laws are structured, there is a cone of secrecy that surrounds our young people which isolates them from the very people who may have made a difficult situation workable.  The same is true for the fathers of the aborted who may have been locked out of the surgery centers while their offspring were being terminated.

3.)    I am pro-justice.  Our very Constitution says that you cannot take a person’s life without due process.  Every abortion is denying an innocent individual of his life against his will without being charged with a crime.  This is an affront to our civility and should cause us concerns for others who are disabled, dependent, the wrong sex, skin color or unwanted by their parents or our society.

It’s time for us to all ask ourselves how we can contribute to a kinder, gentler, more ethical and more virtuous society.  When the tide comes in, all boats float together.   Here is the great story of Tim Tebow.  You can be confident that as your lieutenant governor, I will commit myself to making sure Missouri is known as a state that respects the dignity and sanctity of human life.

Your thoughts on life are important to me, so please let me know what you think. You can write me by clicking here: Mail to Cynthia



momdocA Little Bit of Humor…

A mom goes to her first obstetrician appointment and asks the doctor this question:
Doctor, when will the baby move?

Doctor:  With any luck, right after he graduates from high school!

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