Who’s the Baby’s Daddy?

It's hard to have sympathy for those purposefully attempting to bring a baby into the world with a complete stranger and then complain because the baby looks like her daddy.  Ohio Sperm Bank Mixup
It’s hard to have sympathy for those purposefully attempting to bring a baby into the world with a complete stranger and then complain because the baby looks like her daddy. Ohio Sperm Bank Mixup

This story turned out to be the perfect way to give some unwanted publicity to the gamete selling industry. In case you missed the story, two women, living a aberrant lifestyle tried to prove they could bear children and made an offer to purchase genetic material from the same anonymous donor. Due to an error in reading the handwriting, they were sold material from Donor # 330 instead of Donor # 380. The results proved that it’s not a good idea to try to fool mother nature. The mother is now trying to sue the vendor for the hardship she has incurred from the fact that her child has some of her father’s features.

One goal of feminism is to prove the interchangeability of the genders. If women are trying to make a point that there is no difference between men and women, they run into a few difficulties.

The idea that gender is interchangeable fails abruptly when it comes to bringing children into the world. Women cannot reproduce without men and men cannot reproduce without women. That’s a biological fact.

This presents a problem for those who want to normalize perversion. Some want to pretend to be married and exert themselves attempting to mimic a natural family. To make up for the obvious biological roadblock, these people have turned to fertility clinics to buy the missing parts from strangers.

People who sell their bodily fluids are offered legal assurances that they will not be held liable for their behavior. The question becomes whether a piece of paper can absolve a person from the moral guilt of performing acts that could result in hundreds of human beings being added to the planet without ever being able to know or connect with their biological fathers.

These contracts to sell one’s material ends up being between the mother and father. Yet, there is an unrepresented party—the individual who belongs to both the mother and father—who is legally severed, by design, from ever connecting with the shrouded parent.

The purpose of government is to secure our rights. Pursuit of happiness should include the ability to research from where you came. This is even more important for those who are denied from having a relationship with their parents by the legal barriers built into the institution.

Since governments issue birth certificates, why are they not required to provide information of the identity of the biological parents? This is more important than any other information on the certificate. How long you were or how much you weighed at birth will change within weeks, but your parents’ identity is a permanent marker for your health and understanding your origins.

Funny how our government demands honesty from us when it comes to filing our taxes. Why shouldn’t we demand honesty from our government when it holds the custody of our papers and vital certificates? Government is culpable because a birth certificate issued with false information is cooperation in a lie.

Regardless of the charades people play to try and lie about who’s the baby’s daddy, God knows the truth and it will eventually come out whether here or in front of the Ultimate Judge of the World. Women need men and men need women. The way the world was designed, it is far better for children to be organically created within the bonds of a marriage. If we don’t tamper with a well known recipe, we can avoid disastrous results.

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