What’s A Person To Do?

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There’s a right way and a wrong way to handle being pulled over by a member of the law enforcement community. Many of the problems Ferguson has are related to how the police and citizens view each other.

In the short summary, most of our problems are created by ungodly attitudes on both sides. Police officers are human beings and are also capable of making mistakes. On the other hand, most of the citizens who necessitate a visit from a police officer are not behaving in a civil manner. That’s why they are interacting with someone who can restore law and order and is expected to do that.

One of my favorite psychologists, Dr. James Dobson, said respect is the foundation of every relationship. If there is no respect, there is no relationship of any benefit. The story of Ferguson, Missouri is a story of what happens when respect breaks down on both sides.

I am disappointed in some of the news outlets for creating more hype surrounding the events in Ferguson as if they are trying to stir up another flame of unrest for the purpose of creating news. Facts related to last year’s disturbance were exposed and resolved, so we should be able to move on with the healing and prevention of future episodes of criminal violence.

Of all the pictures from the Ferguson protests, this one disappoints me the most:

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How can anyone boast about having a corrupt, evil and malicious attitude?  This should be a point of embarrassment, not a point of pride.  What kind of people would make a banner like this?

At a time like this, we need to pull together.  We need to rediscover our community spirit.  We need to focus on that which unites, not that which divides.  Focusing on our shared values will do more to help us than trying to conjure up old grudges.

Yesterday was explosive without reason.   I heard the news about the protesters shutting down our interstate when I checked my Facebook and found some of these comments from a few of my friends:

“I’m Sick and tired of hearing about Ferguson all the Violence, Looting and protesting is beyond PATHETIC get a life, Get a Job, Get off the Streets, and BEHAVE!!!”  

“People have to get their kids or have an emergency!!!”

“Blocking key highways prevents getting children safely home and makes it impossible for emergency providers to transport sick or injured. This is cruelty when what we need is compassion and respect.”

“People are starting to get P###D!!! This is not good! Send the cops and get them off the highway!!!!!!”

There are better ways to engender sympathy for a cause than by irritating those who have nothing to do with the situation.

If you have any interest in law enforcement issues, you will enjoy listening to our show this week and sharing it with friends.  We talk with a retired police officer, Gary Wiegert,  who gives us the benefit of an informed perspective on the topics that touch all of us.


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