• What’s A Person To Do?

    Whats A Person To Do 1

    There’s a right way and a wrong way to handle being pulled over by a member of the law enforcement community. Many of the problems Ferguson has are related to how the police and citizens view each other.

    In the short summary, most of our problems are created by ungodly attitudes on both sides. Police officers are human beings and are also capable of making mistakes. On the other hand, most of the citizens who necessitate a visit from a police officer are not behaving in a civil manner. That’s why they are interacting with someone who can restore law and order and is expected to do that.

  • Retired Police Officer Gary Wiegert


    Does the sound of a police siren freak you out?

    Have you or a friend ever been pulled over by the police?

    Today we have a conversation with Gary Wiegert, a retired police officer, who can explain to us what is happening to modern day police work and some little known insights into what happened in Ferguson.

    You’ll get some tips that might help you if you ever get pulled over.

    Our guest, Gary Wiegert is also a lobbyist for the St. Louis Tea Party. He shares some thoughts with us about fusion voting and the Transportation Freedom Act being proposed in Congress.

  • Ferguson

    This is just one picture of  hundreds showing the carnage created by angry, hateful, and often fatherless people.
    This is just one picture of hundreds showing the carnage created by angry, hateful, and often fatherless people.

    What you saw last week was a spectacle of ungodly behavior. We are tired of hearing the news. I, like many of you, was disappointed to see people trash their own city.

    Ferguson is a symbol of what happens when a culture turns away from love to hatred. Families fall apart, values are not taught and then it becomes toxic.

    I believe there are plenty of Christians who still live there, but we are witnessing anti-Christlike behavior on a major scale.

    No matter how bad you think our system is, there is no excuse for breaking “The Ten Commandments”…and they are breaking plenty of them (stealing, coveting, taking the Lord’s name in vain, and rejecting the command to love our neighbors as ourselves).

  • Riots in Ferguson, Missouri


    Fasten your seat belts. It started with the Ferguson Police, then Missouri Governor called in the State Highway Patrol and now there is an effort to get the United Nations involved. With Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers along with others from out of state interfering with our community, it seems like they are inciting more national attention yet.

    Tonight we have two special guests: A veteran police officer who worked in a nearby community, Dan Benson and William Grigg, former correspondent, researcher, and senior editor for The New American Magazine.

    Now the police are arresting elected officials and the media for being present during the order to disburse. Who is in the right? What is right? Dan and William will share from their experiences and will explain the proper constitutional jurisdictions.

  • Virtue vs. Lawlessness

    The Ferguson problem is not about racism.  It's about the way citizens and law enforcement interact with each other.
    The Ferguson problem is not about racism. It’s about the way citizens and law enforcement interact with each other.

    During my service in municipal government, our city set up a “Citizens’ Police Academy”. I went through it to gain a better understanding of our police officers’ experiences and challenges from the other side of the badge.

    I never allowed my children to use the word “Cop” because we thought it was disrespectful. The reason we have government is to protect citizens and their life, liberty and property. Therefore, we need to have police officers establish, protect and reassure our civil stability.

    The primary duty of a police officer is to maintain control. There are innocent people in Ferguson who need to be protected. However, the more lawless the citizens become, the more forceful the police are inclined to become. At the end of the day, we should all desire to have civility and peace in all of our cities.