The Wellness Revelation

The Wellness Revelation
What would a great dinner be like without the dessert course?

Lots of people say they feel better when they exercise.  I don’t.  I usually feel more tired and worn out when I’m finished.  In addition, I just lost one hour of my life.  Do you think exercise might be overrated?  We are the fattest nation in the world, yet we have more fitness centers, personal trainers and exercise classes available, so what’s up with that?  This should be enough to tell us something’s not working!

On our show today, we talk with the founder and author of the Wellness Revelation, Alisa Keeton.  Alisa is an expert on how we can lose what weighs us down so we can love God, ourselves and others.

Fitness is something you either love or avoid.  Regardless of what category  you’re in, we all can agree we will be more effective if we’re stronger and more energized.

Do you like to exercise?  Why?

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The Wellness Revelation

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The Wellness Revelation


  • Katie Boring

    It keeps me stable excercise does and it’s fun. I’m walking 1000 miles this for charity with charity miles. I also do beachbody workouts because I’m trying to lose weight and succeeding. 52% to my weight goal.

  • Tom Heitzmann

    Exercise in moderation is important as we age. Just keep moving. But unless diet is considered all is lost. If one consumes Dunkin Donuts i n the morning, Ho Ho’s for lunch and Doritos for dinner, You will be FAT. Learning to minimize carbs has to be the starting point.

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