Tea Party

How strong is it?

Last week I attended the “Rally for Common Sense”.  This was not a function of any political party, but was a collection of speakers who articulated where we are now in current events.

I remember the first time I received an e-mail that ended with, “I think it’s time for a tea party.”  The very idea brought up thoughts of our War for Independence and how the original tea party reflected the courage and conviction that propelled us into our own autonomy.

Those who are still with us are also very brave and strong.  We are tough enough to endure many hardships, including bad weather, name-calling and spending our own money to promote the cause of liberty.  We do much of this without the help of the main-stream media and despite the disdain of the establishment party operatives.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to all of you who are staying with the movement.  Our freedom is still at stake even more so during this next election.  I represent the 2/3 of all Americans who are in the center of the political spectrum.  The beautiful part about the constitution is that it is in the center.  If we stay constitutional, we will naturally be in favor of limited government because that’s what the document does.

Some Tea Party groups are exclusively Republican syndicates.  You can tell very quickly if a person is loyal to the principles or the party.  One who is following a political party will stay with the party even when the party is wrong.

Many are watching the Tea Party movement to see what it will do next.
The nature of the Tea Party whirl is organic, dynamic, loosely organized and unpredictable.  It sprang up from nowhere.  Capitalists tried to see if there was any profit in it.  Patriots engaged and many felt better, while some exhausted themselves.

There are three reasons why some people drop off:

1.)  They feel like their freedoms are now secure because they already helped change the election last cycle.

2.)  They don’t want to feel like pawns of another political group.  Nobody wants to feel pressure to swear allegiance to an organization that may not continue tracking with them.  Part of this erosion is that many tea party groups refuse to address the social issues.  In their efforts to “broaden the tent” they forgot that the social issues are driving the economic issues.

3.)  They don’t feel like their involvement is actually making a difference.  Nobody wants to listen to whining and complaining about the current state of affairs.  We already know we are going in the wrong direction.  While holding up a sign on a street corner might make some feel good for the moment, it will accomplish nothing unless we change the elected officials.

It’s easy to have a pessimistic view of our state and country because we can observe all governments becoming more oppressive, expensive and hard of hearing.  We need to all stay together with our dream.  Our founding fathers had similar problems with some who didn’t understand the peril of our nation.

The only answer is to engage in the campaigns for the November elections.  I appreciate all of you who are standing together and working to make a difference.  We need to pull in the same direction.  Sadly, most of the candidates who usually want grassroots voting blocks were absent from this event.  Perhaps they don’t believe the grassroots voters are capable of changing the outcomes of their campaigns, or because they’re spending their time with the “big money” donors.  It’s our duty to show them that constitutional government is more important than selling to the highest bidder.  We need your help to cover the expenses of this campaign. Donate where it will make the biggest difference.
When you donate to our campaign, it is a statement about your own values.

I spoke last week at the Jefferson County Tea Party. The great people there were very open to the good news that we don’t have to live this way anymore.

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