• Montana Shrugged


    In this episode, I interview Eric Olsen, head of Montana Eagle Forum and the head of the Montana Tea Party organization, Montana Shrugged.

    You will learn about Montana, Oil, Eagle Forum and the Tea Party Movement. As an extra bonus, you can find out who is now pushing the convention of the states.

    You can learn more here: www.montanaeagleforum.org and here: www.montanashrugged.com

    Is the Tea Party movement dead? Hardly! Montana shrugged has a membership of 6,100

  • Special Insider Scoop on Elections


    Learn from the experts!  Tonight we bring you an experienced panel of people who have studied elections for years and can help you process what just happened in many states during the primary process.

    Is it true that “Nice Guys Finish Last”?  Tonight we offer some analysis of what happened in the last election and discuss how open primaries affect the outcomes in the states that have them.

    Our panel includes two former Republican candidates, Ike Skelton and Tony Laszacs, along with Jeanine Huskey, founder of the the Eureka Tea Party.  We will ask them to explain what is happening to the conservatives and the Tea Party movement and share some glimpses of where we are heading next.

  • What is a Conservative?

    Me with my firstborn son, John Davis when he came back to Missouri for a visit last week.
    Me with my firstborn son, John Davis when he came back to Missouri for a visit last week.

    What is a conservative?  The word has become so abused, it is nearly beyond recognition.  Recently the Conservative Political Action Conference created national news over its identity crisis.  With so many political candidates claiming to be “Conservative” on their election materials, they should be sued for false advertising.

    A lot of “Tea Party Movement” sympathizers consider themselves to be conservative, yet the future of the Tea Party Movement is in question. Recently two tea party candidates lost their elections and some are wondering what that means.

    One of the criticisms of the Conservative Political Action Committee, (CPAC) is that they did not include a pro-life panel or a marriage panel in their latest conference.  Many are now wondering how this organization can ignore these two major social issues.  CPAC is a collection of those who are considered the best and brightest conservatives in our county.  The direction this group goes is a good barometer of our national commitment to conservative values.

  • Tea Party

    How strong is it?

    Last week I attended the “Rally for Common Sense”.  This was not a function of any political party, but was a collection of speakers who articulated where we are now in current events.

    I remember the first time I received an e-mail that ended with, “I think it’s time for a tea party.”  The very idea brought up thoughts of our War for Independence and how the original tea party reflected the courage and conviction that propelled us into our own autonomy.