• Remember the Alamo!

    Remember the Alamo 1

    The story of the Alamo can be summarized by explaining that some brave soldiers fought to preserve their territory.  They fought to the death for what they believed and are honored in history for their heroism.  Today there is another battle brewing in San Antonio over a new law with the capacity to stifle our First Amendment freedom of speech and freedom of religion rights.  Our right to think for ourselves, especially when it favors virtue, is inalienable.

    I’ve visited the city of San Antonio twice—once for the National League of Cities Conference and another time when our son graduated from Air Force Military Boot Camp.  San Antonio has a great tradition for which it should be proud.  Now the San Antonio City Council has brought more national attention to itself by passing a new law.   This law may be able to disqualify anyone from serving as an elected official, an appointed official, or from having any contract with the city if that person has ever spoken out against perversion or attends a church where the pastor has spoken out against perversion.

  • Prayer on the Ballot – Is It Necessary?

    paradestartThe question will be on your ballot August 7th.  Some of my constituents are asking me why we would need to insert into the Missouri Constitution such explicit language allowing prayer when we already have “Freedom of Religion” guaranteed for everyone in the entire country. It’s hard to believe we have come to this.

    The answer is found in the exact wording of the first Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”  With all the legal gyrations manifesting by all levels of government, our Congress is prohibited from encroaching on us, but our state and local governments are not.