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    One of my Facebook friends posted this:

    Let me try one more time to get this right:
    Thousands of Islamic Terrorists are planning to slaughter American civilians on American soil. Obama’s and Hillary’s response is to :
    1.) Disarm the American people.
    2.) Import more terrorists.

  • What Is the Right Response to the Refugee Resettlement Projects?


    On today’s show we answer lots of questions you may have pertaining to Islam, but didn’t know who to ask. We give you insights into some of the consequences of the refugee resettlement projects.

    Our guest, Shahram Hadian, is a former Muslim. We talk about why anyone would want to convert to Islam and discuss how Muslims feel about non-Muslim women.

    Shahram Hadian travels around the nation speaking on critical issues facing us as Americans. The name of his organization is “Truth in Love Ministries“.

    Shahram’s background includes experience as a pastor, police officer, teacher, coach, and leader in his community. He was a candidate for the governor of Washington State in 2012.

    If you want to see what “could happen” in the future of our country, this is the show for you!

  • Crusades

    This is a photo of me with Judge Jeannine Pirro at the Educational Policy Conference.   She did a memorable presentation about Islam.  One of my favorite quotes I use from her is, "This political correctness is going to kill us."
    This is a photo of me with Judge Jeannine Pirro at the Educational Policy Conference. She did a memorable presentation about Islam. One of my favorite quotes I use from her is, “This political correctness is going to kill us.”

    One of my Facebook friends wrote this:

    “I’m starting to think having a President who doesn’t understand the history, traditions, or laws of his own country is a bad idea.”

    The purpose of this newsletter is not to bash the president or Islamic sympathizers. We all need to be kind, loving and always reaching out to anyone who wants to hear the truth. However, there is a point when we need to be honest enough to call a foul when we see one.

    The President spoke last week at the National Prayer Breakfast. First, I should point out that it was good of him to attend. Given his record of absence for the National Day of Prayer in May every year, it is noteworthy when he lends support to one of our Nation’s time honored traditions.

    The President most likely trusted his speech writers to define the correct tone and content, but he still bears responsibility for putting his final approval and being the delivery agent for these messages. He ended up making comments that were hurtful and inaccurate.

  • Bill Federer – Women and Islam


    In today’s episode, we talk with renowned historian, William J. Federer about the real war on women.

    How accurate were Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast?

    If you want to hear a broad historical perspective of Islam and world aggression, this is the show for you.

    God seems to like waiting until the odds seem hopeless and then raises up little nobodies with Faith and courage to do big things. This is our time. It’s now our turn. www.americanminute.com

  • State of the Union Analysis with Darrell Castle


    Did you watch the state of the union speech? How about the Republican response?

    On this episode, Darrell Castle and I let you know what we thought of it, especially the parts about climate change, Islam , foreign policy, homosexuality, and the economy.

    Join us today to hear the only exclusive politically correct response. We will save you a lot of time and more importantly, a lot of angst!

  • What’s the Best Part about America?

    Best Part About America 1
    While shopping at the store, I found some great Washington State apples. It reminded me of all the committed people out in Washington State who love liberty and want to promote the principles that made our country great. This week I will be interviewing one of them.

    We might as well discuss this while we still have the freedom of speech.  Islam is not a cultural issue; it’s a political issue.  While other religions are focused on God, the devil or idol worship, Islam is the only religion that is also focused on changing our governmental structure.  Our Declaration of Independence says, “All men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”  This is why, among other rights, we have freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press, which makes it great be an American!

    Islam teaches that not all people are equal, and the Muslims will rule the world. so we are faced with a premise that is unworkable.  I can’t imagine any relationship that would work when it revolves around one person who cannot be questioned, considers the other one to be inferior and speech is prohibited on certain topics.  The underdog might try to coexist, but unnecessary suffering and abuse are embedded into the structure.    

  • Bill Federer – Understanding the Muslim Mentality


    On this edition of Home Front we will be talking with Bill Federer about how to understand the Muslim mentality and what is happening to our country. Bill is one of our nation’s most prominent historians and speaks from a vast amount of research. We will discuss the Boston Marathon bombing, the Muslim agenda and how we are losing our religious freedoms.