What’s the Best Part about America?

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While shopping at the store, I found some great Washington State apples. It reminded me of all the committed people out in Washington State who love liberty and want to promote the principles that made our country great. This week I will be interviewing one of them.

We might as well discuss this while we still have the freedom of speech.  Islam is not a cultural issue; it’s a political issue.  While other religions are focused on God, the devil or idol worship, Islam is the only religion that is also focused on changing our governmental structure.  Our Declaration of Independence says, “All men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”  This is why, among other rights, we have freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press, which makes it great be an American!

Islam teaches that not all people are equal, and the Muslims will rule the world. so we are faced with a premise that is unworkable.  I can’t imagine any relationship that would work when it revolves around one person who cannot be questioned, considers the other one to be inferior and speech is prohibited on certain topics.  The underdog might try to coexist, but unnecessary suffering and abuse are embedded into the structure.    

This battle is not just about differences between people.  It’s about differences in governance.  It’s about the liberty we enjoy in our country that is beyond most others.  The American way of life is built on the Biblical foundation of love, compassion and inherent sense of fairness and justice.  Instead of speculating, listen to the testimony of Shahram Hadian, who came out of the Islamic culture and speaks first hand about the realities of Islam.

Tonight we will discuss:

~ Two congressmen, who refused to be sworn into office in our tradition of using a Bible, but instead wanted the Koran, and what that means to us.

~ Halal meat and the pressure being placed on our prisons to serve this special meat to the prisoners.

~ How we are losing our communities.

~ People who have come to this country with the express purpose of changing our culture into an Islamic culture.

~ Most importantly, we will talk about love, kindness and the compassion it will take to help others find their way through the forest of political correctness into preserving our constitutional freedoms.

What you can do:

  • Listen to our show, forward it to others, ask them to listen. 
  • Tell your friends to sign up for our newsletter. 
  • Look at your meat before you buy it and don’t purchase packages that are labeled “Halal”. 
  • In a free market economy, we vote with our wallets. 


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A Little Bit of Humor

Best Part About America 4 - 175pThe school secretary answered the phone and said, “You say Tommy can’t come to school?  Who is this speaking?”

The quiet voice said, “This is my father.”



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