• Taxed Enough Already?

    The winter that went on for a very long time, finally gave way to Spring.  Some people would call this flower a hyacinth, but at our household, we call it a "Hi ya, Cynth"
    The winter that went on for a very long time, finally gave way to Spring. Some people would call this flower a hyacinth, but at our household, we call it a “Hi ya, Cynth”

    When I was in office, one common complaint I heard was about the steadily increasing real estate taxes. Last week during our municipal elections, it became obvious why our taxes continue to increase. When people have an opportunity to vote to raise their taxes, they often do so without seriously considering the consequences.

    One of my Face book friends wrote this: The scare tactics seemed to easily work. Congrats St Charles voters. There will be no end to it now. They’ll pull out the old “grandma’s gonna die” and “do it for the children” each time in the future, and you’ll happily comply. Never dreamed St Charles residents would become such statists.

    Another friend of mine made this observation: “I now know what I need to put on my door hangers to win my election in August: “Do It For The Kids”, or “To Ensure Quick Response Times” ~ Joseph Wetter

  • John Davis – What it Means to be a Conservative


    Today we have a great show for you with John Davis of the Leadership Institute. John is a credentialed political scientist and philosopher and helps us look at politics from the viewpoint of one who is within the Washington DC culture.

    Mr. Davis is one of the chief fund raisers for the Leadership Institute, an organization committed to training conservative candidates so they can win their elections.  http://www.leadershipinstitute.org/

  • Alice Patterson – Justice at the Gate


    Remember the Alamo!  There is a lot more happening in San Antonio than just historic relics.  You thought the war was over, but we now are engaged in another war.  When the San Antonio City Council decided to ban people from being involved in their city if they ever spoke out against moral degradation, they started a new kind of war with their citizens and with the constitution.

    Join us as we talk with Alice Patterson from  Justice at the Gate.  She will share with us her story of the struggle and what you need to know when it comes to your city.  http://www.justiceatthegate.org/

  • Elections – With Guest Mitch Hubbard


    Why does it seem so easy for bad candidates to win elections and so easy for good candidates to lose?  Be enlightened by listening to this episode where we are having a great discussion about election laws.

    Mitch Hubbard ran as a candidate against former Secretary of State in Missouri, Robin Carnihan.  He comes to us to share some of his experiences and wisdom on election dynamics.

    If we lose control of the election process, we will never get it back to correct it again.

  • Elections

    Home Front 1

    For months now, people have been feeling burned out on elections.  Since it is the “off-season”, you may wonder why even talk about elections.  While we are all sitting around the swimming pools and enjoying watermelon, time is ticking.  Filing for the 2014 elections is only 7 months away and candidates are already working up a sweat to line up their networks and stuff their bank accounts.