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For months now, people have been feeling burned out on elections.  Since it is the “off-season”, you may wonder why even talk about elections.  While we are all sitting around the swimming pools and enjoying watermelon, time is ticking.  Filing for the 2014 elections is only 7 months away and candidates are already working up a sweat to line up their networks and stuff their bank accounts.

Today is a “statute date” for local elections.  That means there may be elections in specific areas today for local issues.  These local issues are usually tax increases or to approve of further public indebtedness.  Whether you went to the polls today or not, you won’t want to miss our show tonight where we discuss the processes.

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Tonight we have a show with Mitch Hubbard, former candidate for Secretary of State from Missouri.  He will explain the election process, supreme court decisions and what is happening with the patriot movement.

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Home Font is a weekly podcast by Cynthia Davis. As a writer, speaker and former legislator, Cynthia discusses limiting government, fiscal responsibility and fair taxation. Cynthia is a mother of seven and a wife of one for over three decades who brings her personal experience to the conversation.
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A Little Bit of Humor

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If Obama wins, I will leave the country.

If Romney wins, I will leave the country.

This is not a political joke, I just want to travel.

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