• Special Insider Scoop on Elections


    Learn from the experts!  Tonight we bring you an experienced panel of people who have studied elections for years and can help you process what just happened in many states during the primary process.

    Is it true that “Nice Guys Finish Last”?  Tonight we offer some analysis of what happened in the last election and discuss how open primaries affect the outcomes in the states that have them.

    Our panel includes two former Republican candidates, Ike Skelton and Tony Laszacs, along with Jeanine Huskey, founder of the the Eureka Tea Party.  We will ask them to explain what is happening to the conservatives and the Tea Party movement and share some glimpses of where we are heading next.

  • The Future of Conservatism?

    Future of Conservatism 1
    This country is on a road trip, but where are we going? Bernie and Matt are on their way to a fun night together. Yet, while we are busy having a great time, what can we do to keep our country from veering off the path of liberty?

    Like the song goes, “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain… but I always thought I’d see you again.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3uaXCJcRrE  When is our country going to come back?  What has happened to the “Conservative Movement”?  What has it done?  The conservative movement has scored many victories in terms of getting conservatives elected.  Yet, what happens to all that conservative sentiment after these candidates get sworn into office?  Even with the new infusion of candidates who give great speeches about liberty on the campaign trail, the principles of conservatism have suffered defeat in actual legislative results.  To use a football term, we are losing yardage.

    How could we have a statement of values and beliefs, get our hands on the reigns of political power and have nothing to show for it?  Government is growing bigger, the economic stability is becoming weaker, people are losing their medical insurance and more jobs are going to foreign countries.  So what are we supposed to do to change the decline of our country?

  • Michael Peroutka


    Was the government shutdown a charade that accomplished nothing for America? Why would a candidate run if he couldn’t win?  Why should anyone run? Where is the country headed?  These are questions we will answer with Michael Peroutka, former presidential candidate.

    Michael Anthony Peroutka (born 1952) is a Maryland lawyer, the founder of the Institute on the Constitution. He once held a position in the United States Department of Health and Human Services and was the Constitution Party candidate for president in 2004. He is co-host of The American View radio program. You can read more here www.theamericanview.com.

  • Truth in Love

    Truth in Love 1
    I went to the O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce legislative event last week and ran into some friends.

    We all have a part to play in making the world a better place.  It is the moral duty of all of us to determine what we should be doing with our time and energy.  Recently I came across a moving story of a man in the State of  Washington who ran for Governor.  He ran as a Republican but received fewer votes than the person who ran on the Constitution Party ticket.  The lesson here is that conservatives seem to be losing regardless of their political party affiliation.  We are living in difficult times—especially those who believe in the first amendment right to our freedom of speech.