New Year, New Economy

This is a picture from Christmas this year. Back Row: Nephews, David and Daniel, me, husband, Bernie, my parents, Marylin and Gordon Gosh.  Front row:  four of our children, Susanna, Philip, Cathryn, Matthew and the camera shy dog, Archer

Happy New Year to All!

One of our traditions is to have a sing-a-long on Christmas.  It’s hard to separate the music from the day.  Yet, for some people certain songs make us sad because of the memories attached.   Do you have one song where you feel irritated every time you hear it?  I certainly do.

One of my friends helped me get over it by writing this:

“I just love the look on people’s faces when I am in a store and make up religious lyrics to whatever secular “Christmas” song is playing on the speakers overhead.

For example:

Last Christmas,
I gave You my heart.
That very day,
You Took my sins away.

All year,
You Saved me from fear
And Gave me
A faith so special.

Nobody knows what to make of me… LOL”

We may not be able to change the tune, but we can change the meaning.  There are some parallels with the economy.  One person cannot change the economy of the country, but we can manage our own personal debt and spending preferences.

My biggest frustration with the National government is the lack of control over spending.  The tax cut plan was a step in the right direction, but until we see a commitment to paying down our current debt, a hard moratorium on new debt and a real plan to reduce spending, this one bill won’t be enough.

Let me encourage you with the words of the late Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia.  On April 6, 1989 in a speech at the University of Georgia Law School, he said this:

“… the Supreme Court cannot save this society from itself because over the long haul the Court is no more than the society itself. The compromises of principle, the misperceptions of liberty that are believed in the homes, learned in the schools, and taught in the universities will ultimately be the body of knowledge and belief that new justices bring with them to the bench.”

We tend to look to governmental entities to rescue us.  Whether it be hoping for electoral victories for our legislative branches, executive branches or judicial appointments, we long for our rescuers to emerge and make things right.  There is no substitute for an educated populace and good, moral and decent fellow citizens.

May all of our contacts with others help spread the message of individual liberty, personal responsibility and the values we hold dear.  I hope this coming year is blessed for you and your loved-ones!

What would you like your Congress to give you for a Christmas present?

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  • Bob

    Our government truly is only a reflection of we the people, ie, we the voters. And now more than ever, our government is a reflection of “we the Christian-conservative-right” which has placed its favored party in complete control of the federal government and fully half of all the states. If our government is reckless, corrupt, and lawless, it is because we, the Christian-conservative-right, have become spiritually reckless, corrupt, and lawless.

  • Gregory Wagner

    I loved this message, Thank you for your hard work, and Faith in God. May all of yours have a blessed new year. ( I may have stolen a few lines from your message.)

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