The New Politics of Sex


Are you confused about gender roles?  Join the club!  Here all this time, we thought it was about orientation, but it ended up being more about disorientation!

Today we are honored to have Patrick Henry College professor, Stephen Baskerville.  Stephen Baskerville is currently the Director of the International Politics & Policy program at Patrick Henry College, is an American scholar of political science, and is a leading authority on divorce, child custody and the family court system.  Stephen comes to us today to discuss his newest book, The New Politics of Sex:  The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties, and the Growth of Governmental Power.

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  • Bob Peck

    I found it intriguing as I listened to this to understand how the roles of the sexes have not really changed. Women are still predominately the ones who care for children – they just do it as day care workers or welfare recipients now – and men still predominately provide the financial support – they just do it by paying court ordered child support now, or by paying tax dollars that the government redistributes to women on welfare.

    What predominately has changed is that we’ve gone from having nuclear family units with a man at the head of it who is looked to for leadership and support, to being a herd-like society with government at the head, giving the orders, and being looked to to take care of us.

    Instead of individual family units, we’ve become more like one big family with government as our daddy. And instead of that daddy taking us to church once a week to worship God, our new daddy takes us to the government schools five days a week where we learn to serve the state in the new religion of socialism.

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