Merry Christmas!

Mischief seems to be bound up in the heart of people in every civilization.  It doesn’t take much to find plenty of examples of people stealing elections.

Was 2018 a practice run for 2020?  If we don’t learn from these shenanigans, AND TAKE LEGISLATIVE ACTION, we are doomed to see more next cycle around.  

People are motivated by success.   Electoral results stand.  Even after a breach of the system is discovered, the one with the most votes at the moment the election is certified gets to keep the office.

Computerized voting is problematic because  they have been proven to be prone to tampering.  The integrity of the election can be destroyed with one malicious code — the results will be skewed.  There are no paper ballots to recount if there is a dispute. 

Paper ballots are still the Gold Standard when it comes to making your vote count.  However, the paper ballots are what keep getting shuffled around and showing up when the Democrat needs more votes to win.     So if bad people want to steal elections, they will always find more clever tricks to make it happen.

We must demand reliability, security and transparency.  We must remember it took the people to tear down the Berlin Wall!

Let’s just have a fun Christmas season.  Listen to our show today and spend some quality time with your loved ones.  

Do you feel confident that our elections are secure and accurate? 


1.)  Check out the election laws in your county.  Ask your county officials what they are doing to make sure unqualified people don’t vote.  It’s important for them to care about the integrity of the election process.  Hold them accountable if they can’t answer the questions.  If  your state mails out ballots to everyone, work to change it back.  The future of our Country depends on it!

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How do you feel when you hear that yet another election was stolen?   A G A I N !

Have you ever noticed that the winner seems to always be the Democrat?  There are ways to stop this non-sense, but it’s going to be up to us to take control and demand real reforms. On our show today, we give you ideas for what you can do to restore integrity to our elections before it’s too late. Click here to listen.

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