Happy New Year!

There’s always something to feel good about, no matter the darkness.  This is a picture of my mom with our bird, Sorbet.  For years Sorbet acted like she doesn’t like any females.  Today my mom finally won her over.  

It’s easy to get discouraged when we look at the political fights we’ve lost, but there will always be some surprises that never were able to be predicted.  Stay in the fight and be courageous! 

What gives you hope to keep going? 


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  • Arthur LeBeau, Jr.

    This was very informative and interesting. (May I fuss as to the music – I see no need for it and honestly I can’t stand it. Just my thoughts) May Jesus give us true leadership.

    • Cynthia

      Thanks for your feedback and especially your thoughts on the introductory music. Glad you liked the discussion. I do this to help people understand the inner-workings of our government and am happy you found it to be informative and interesting.

  • Jennifer Bird

    Fear. I fear being ruled and overrun by tyrannical fools and useful idiots. That is what keeps me in the fight. Well, fear and a compulsion to leave things better than I found them for our children and grandchildren.

  • Dave Heim

    As dismal as things seem, there are actually reasons to be optimistic. Obama, who I would consider to be the worst president in history, succeeded in opening more eyes than anyone before him with his Marxist agenda. Consequently, there are more constitutionally minded members of Congress than there have been since the 60s, though still not nearly enough. The Freedom Caucus has become a formidable force in the House. It is my hope that the election of a number of in your face socialists, who display an absolutely colossal ignorance of the Constitution, basic economics, and pretty much everything except Marxism, will only serve to open many more eyes. The key now, as it has always been, is education. The election of those socialists to the Congress demonstrates that their constituencies are completely ignorant of the foundations that make the liberty they constantly prattle about possible. They are operating solely on their emotions. The government run schools are indoctrinating our young people with everything but the truth, so we are fighting an uphill battle. But I am an example of the fact that the damage done by the schools can be undone in a relatively short time, IF young people will only open their minds to opinions contrary to their own. The worst of the damage done by the schools, is their victims have been denied the ability to think independently and taught to close their minds to opposing points of view. So it all comes back to the family and the responsibility of parents. That is where, early on, children can be insulated to withstand the propaganda they will be exposed to in school. Kids are much more capable than parents give them credit for. Private schools and homeschooling are the best alternatives. So parents and would be parents must be educated first. We all have friends, relatives and neighbors with whom we have influence. All those readers who are uninformed, but realize something is very wrong, are open to the truth. It is our job to give it to them or point them in the right direction. It is a never ending job. As Ben Franklin told a woman who asked what kind of government they had given the country following the Constitutional Convention, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

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