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There’s an old commercial that ends with the punch line, “It’s not nice to fool mother nature!”

Yet, that’s what we attempt to do all the time.

When it comes to medical technology, especially creating life and ending life, medical science definitely has a hand to play.  The question is where the moral line should be drawn.  What is the right public policy about how to end a life or surrogate motherhood or what to do with frozen embryos that nobody wants anymore?

The purpose of government is to protect our property.  Who is protecting the disabled or depressed?  Who is protecting the frozen embryos?  Who is protecting the baby birthed from one mom, but legally owned by another mom?  When courts and legislators don’t know what to do, we’re left with unjust decisions and innocent people end up getting hurt.  Does it cross an ethical line to make “test tube babies”?  We answer these questions and help you get morally informed on our show today.

On today’s show, we interview Matthew Arbo, author of  Walking through Infertility: Biblical, Theological, and Moral Counsel for Those Who Are Struggling.  Matthew is assistant professor of theological studies and director of the center for faith and public life at Oklahoma Baptist University.

What is the right response to the baby-making industry?

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What is the right public policy about how to end a life or surrogate motherhood.  Does it cross an ethical line to make test tube babies?

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  • Brad

    The pastor did not give a single bible verse. He gave his thoughts. I do not care what his thoughts are…… what does God think? Extremely disappointing interview….

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