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This is my daughter, Susanna on her first day of school several  years ago.  Most of you know that feeling.  We start the year so optimistic and then get surprised at how the year ends.


Whether you have kids, grand kids or not, anyone who walks into a retail store will notice that everything screams, “Back to School!”  It dominates the calendar!

Every school year, like life, is full of both pleasant surprises and bitter disappointments.  I remember walking into my child’s school and being confronted with posters everywhere inviting the students to join the sexual perversion club.  Other clubs didn’t have posters plastered in every hallway, bathroom and on several lockers —  to assure that no students could be left unaware that this school offers this club!  We encourage what we celebrate. Instead of celebrating good character, we’re celebrating bad character.

Here is one of the walls at the Webster Groves High School:

As if we didn’t realize that a public school accepts every student.  Regardless, if a minor is already practicing perverted behavior, like any other form of self-harm or drug addiction, shouldn’t we agree that it should take place outside the school day and outside of the classrooms?

When parents send their students into a formal educational environment, we must acknowledge that these children will likely be exposed to inappropriate language, drugs, promiscuity and indoctrination into left wing ideology.  That’s where our culture is today.  We are now in the modern day equivalent of Sodom and Gomorrah.  And it is affecting home-schooled children as well.

There is an organization that is doing something to improve the spiritual climate.  It’s called “Moms in Prayer”.  Prayer is our mighty defense against the forces trying to steal our children out of our culture.  This week’s podcast is with Carla Morgan, head of the Missouri Mom’s in Prayer movement.  If you want to be part of the solution, listen to our show and  learn more here.

What kind of cultural slide have you seen?

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I snapped a picture of this poster hanging on the wall at the Webster Groves High School.  Can you imagine the outrage that would be created if this public high school had posted a poster of President Donald Trump???  Ha Ha!


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