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Just because we don’t win, doesn’t me we quit trying.  This is a picture of me with Paul Berry when we were both US Congressional Candidates. We were at the Thomas Eagleton United States Courthouse fighting for what is right.  Neither one of us is a candidate any longer, but we will always cherish the satisfaction of knowing we offered the voters an opportunity to upgrade.

Are you tired of hearing more about the upcoming election?  If it were today many of us would be relieved to see the newscasts report on current events instead of what’s so bad about the candidates running for office.

Here’s what one of my Facebook friends had to say:

“Anyone who thinks either Hillary or Trump can destroy this Nation – a Nation being Held Up by the Hands of God – needs to re-examine his or her faith. Because that idea is a lie being whispered in our ears by spirits who want nothing less than to tear our souls to pieces…”


His comments are comforting, but it behooves us to ask, “Faith in what?”.  The power in positive thinking only works if there is a factual reason for our optimism.  Our Country is ripe for punishment and it is hard to imagine that a loving God would spare us a precipitating moment.  Just as we have been blessed beyond measure, we are accountable for squandering His exceptional blessings on this Country.

The fact that Hillary has made it this far in the political process given her anti-life, pro-perversion, anti-rule-of-law orientation, proves that the majority of the voters do not value morality, virtue or the Ten Commandments.  Even if you think we’re doomed, in order to protect your own conscience, you need to vote against her.  As someone put it, “We’ve had eight years of Ahab…We don’t need eight more years of Jezebel” !

Neither Hillary nor Trump can “Make America Great Again”.   Only God can do that.  Those who are putting their faith in any candidate need to ponder what made America great in the first place.  We need to turn our hearts back toward the Source of our strength.  The only path to greatness comes from a cultural shift where we value character, integrity and justice.

When the voters have repeatedly turned down the best candidates in favor of the ones with the slickest campaign, what does that tell you about the seriousness with which we take our votes?

What do you think America needs to get back on track?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Make sure you click the podcast link below to hear the interview we do with Brent Lasater.  He is a former State Representative who, against all odds, won an office the old fashioned way—by sincerely connecting with his voters.  It’s inspiring!  You will enjoy hearing what he has to say about the current political climate.  I hope I can encourage all of you to stay the course. Forward and promote my newsletter to others who need to know there is a better way.

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  • Art LeBeau

    Cynthia also great to read your “Front Line” however I will tell you exactly what is wrong in our country today. It is the churches (regardless of denomination) in that they do not speak out and tell congregants that you cannot vote for a person that is for murdering babies and cutting them up for sale. Yes everyone knows we have reference to Clinton.

    The churches are afraid of losing their 501(C)3 tax exemption. How many have every studied this? Probably none. I don’t believe anyone can name a church that lost its status (Perhaps Indianapolis Baptist some 30 yrs ago) The church doesn’t belong in a 501(C)3 to start with. The Pastors, Preachers, Bishops, Priests, etc., are a bunch of hypocrites as they do not teach God’s Word from the Bible.
    Art LeBeau Villa Ridge, MO. (Christian & Conservative)

  • Timothy Harlow

    Hi Cynthia,
    I met you in Jefferson City at a Tea Party Meeting this past year. I know you are a good person. My wife and I both voted for you. Unfortunately not enough other people knew about you to make a difference. I think the big problem is we have so many people who don’t take the time to understand the real significant issues, all they do is blindly vote party lines. And all they know is what the media tells them. As the previous comment says, churches and religions don’t really help either. They seem to be afraid to speak the truth. I guess all we can do is pray that we have an awakening in this country. – Timbo

  • Todd

    We need to pray and practice revival personally:
    Psalms 85:6 Will You not revive us again, That your people may rejoice in You?
    And our churches need to “stop” being so deafening silent!!

  • Bonnie B. Walker

    We need candidates for public office who have demonstrated an interest in the common good of citizens and not just seek prestige or gain personal advantages. We need leaders who demonstrate good judgment in making decisions, who seek justice for all, especially the poor and vulnerable. Elected officials should seek to protect human life, preserve our democratic and religious freedoms, speak the truth and show respect for others, even those with whom we disagree. You can speak about what is wrong in society or with your opponent’s views without character assassination.

    • Art LeBeau

      Normally I never post twice, but I wanted to add something to Bonnie’s post. I don’t know if we will ever get the type of person you describe above. The reason is, Christians (so called) do not subscribe to God’s teachings. Just look at the elected officials in every facet of government. The majority (vast majority) are so called Christians! If they were Christians we would not have the morass we have. Christians are afraid to speak for truth,, I have seen it for my 82 yrs on this earth. Until churches have the guts and faith in Jesus to start telling the truth, nothing will change. No I am not pessimistic, put merely stating truth. Name one church that speaks out the truth all the time and not when it just benefits them.
      Art LeBeau, Villa Ridge, MO (Christian & Conservative)

  • Frank Rice

    The true Church is within us all ,not an organized body,but in our souls.As each one takes charge thru Christ,of our true understanding and faith,and become the masters of our own
    walk with God, only then we will be as one with the all mighty!

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