Lester Turilli for Governor


Today we interview Lester Turilli, candidate for Governor in Missouri. Turilli, 45, may be the only gubernatorial candidate who has surrounded himself with a prayer team which prays daily for revival in the state. His genuine love for the people of Missouri is second only to his love for God. He approaches the gubernatorial race with a commitment to positive campaigning, integrity, and social justice.

Lester grew up in Creve Coeur, Missouri. After graduating from Parkway North High School, he attended Baylor University, graduating with a BBA in Management and Entrepreneurship. Currently, Turilli is an executive in his family business, Meramec Caverns and Caveman Zipline.

Don’t throw your vote away! On this episode of Home Front you’re going to hear an amazing story of a man running for Governor of Missouri. Are you wondering if it is possible for good people to run in an honorable way? Then this show is for you. You are about to be inspired and encouraged by this story.



  • Bob Peck

    This is exactly the kind of candidate for public office that the body of Christ should be fielding – a candidate who unashamedly puts Jesus Christ first with the attitude that anyone who is offended by their Creator has plenty of other options on the ballot. Sadly, as I look around at this time, I don’t know that I can identify enough men of this caliber to fill each of the offices on the ballot, much less convince those men to run.

    I really appreciated the comments about keeping one’s distance from the profane things that less has witnessed in both of the establishment parties, which I took as an allusion to 1 Cor 6:17 “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing.” I’ve watched too many of the well intentioned Christian people who get involved in the Republican Party – either intending to reform it or because they believed it is a necessary vehicle in order to win – get sucked into the system and end up becoming part of the machine. It’s like watching people play with leaven thinking they can keep it from leavening the whole lump. Less did well to follow God’s leading and stay independent of the system and be identified only by his devotion to God and country. 

    • Golda Brownstein

      We agree! The people are STARTING to be educates to see what a scam deal the party system can be. Just look at Republicans giving us a PRO-ABORT Democrat as a “Republican” candidate for MO governor #MOGOV In the same way, many of the “conservative groups” are only concerned with keeping their status and seat at the Republican “table” (you know who you are) and many conservative groups are not AT ALL concerned with Abortion or same sex so called “marriage”! This latter group are simply Neocons; NEOCONS are only concerned with $$$$$$$$ ie. taxes, the economy, free trade, etc. Pushing these topics along with SILENCE on social issues of murdering babies or calling sodomy and adultery same sex so called “marriage” are your first clue that they are NEOCONS AND NOT CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES!

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