• Lester Turilli for Governor


    Today we interview Lester Turilli, candidate for Governor in Missouri. Turilli, 45, may be the only gubernatorial candidate who has surrounded himself with a prayer team which prays daily for revival in the state. His genuine love for the people of Missouri is second only to his love for God. He approaches the gubernatorial race with a commitment to positive campaigning, integrity, and social justice.

    Lester grew up in Creve Coeur, Missouri. After graduating from Parkway North High School, he attended Baylor University, graduating with a BBA in Management and Entrepreneurship. Currently, Turilli is an executive in his family business, Meramec Caverns and Caveman Zipline.

    Don’t throw your vote away! On this episode of Home Front you’re going to hear an amazing story of a man running for Governor of Missouri. Are you wondering if it is possible for good people to run in an honorable way? Then this show is for you. You are about to be inspired and encouraged by this story.


  • Can Government Get Back in the Box?

    Last week we met with the O'Fallon Patriots!   So grateful there are people who want to fix our country.
    Last week we met with the O’Fallon Patriots!  
    So grateful there are people who want to fix our country.

    My daughter came home from her graduate school last weekend and brought another student who was from China.  Her friend asked me why I got involved in politics.  I can understand how difficult this may be to understand for someone who is from a Communist country, but it’s a good question for all of us to answer.

    The greatest reason for us to get involved is because we can make a difference!  We live in a Country where our actions today will affect the future generations.  This is a serious and powerful motivator.

    Our system is designed so that our ideas and the way we act on our ideas have an effect.  As I have traveled around the district, it surprises me to see how much enthusiasm exists for our  effort to challenge the status quo. 

  • When Congress Sinks to a New Low… We Have To Fire Congress!

    We Have To Fire Congress 1

    All rested up and ready to go back into the political arena.  Join me as we deliver the message that we need to fire Congress!

    Some people are wondering why I would want to get back into that “dirty business”.  As hard as I have tried to look the other way, our culture demands that we do something for our Country.

    If you don’t want to be a candidate yourself, join me in the battle for the soul of our Nation.  That’s why I went to Jefferson City today to file for US Congress.  We are starting our “Fire Congress Tour” where I will be visiting each one of our 13 counties in the next few days.

  • Bill Eigel – Does Money Trump Message?


    Does the message trump the money?

    How can an office holder make sure he’s not absorbed into the soup after getting elected?

    What happens when a citizen trying to protect his business ends up working to change his government?

    On today’s edition of Home Front, I confront these questions with Bill Eigel, a candidate for State Senate. You will hear what makes a military guy tick and some new ideas on how to pay for our roads.