Transgendering Children?

This is a picture of us with six of our seven children. 
L to R:  Ben, Matt, Cathryn, Philip, me, Bernie, Amanda and Susanna.


Legislators use magic words when they want a bill to pass: “It’s for the children!”.  Yet, what children need most is parents who will guide them in understanding and accepting their identity just as they are made.  If children are confused, the adults need to bring them back to reality, not enter into their delusion.

When the parents enable their children to take drugs that will permanently alter their brain development, leave them sterile and shut out the possibility of any return to normalcy, our society should draw the line.

The medical profession is duty-bound to “do no harm”, yet when the professionals use their knowledge to do harm (i.e. terminate lives of those unborn, disabled, elderly or condemn children to a lifetime of impersonation), the doctors have shamed their profession.

Because children start off with no information, those around them are 100% responsible for their understanding of the world.  This is a heavy responsibility and is why parents and doctors have such an important role.  The parents and professionals who enable these children to pretend they are changing into the opposite gender are discrediting their noble professions.

Gender confusion is not in the same category as a true birth defect such as a cleft lip or palate that needs to be corrected.  These children do not have a physical problem. They have relational and psychological problems.

There’s nothing wrong with a girl who likes to work on cars or a boy who likes to cook.  Their bodies and brains are still physically different.  To deny these differences doesn’t solve the problems.  Some gender confusion stems from the broken homes or non-marriage.  This causes a loss of stability that comes from an intact, healthy family —  with a married mother and father who show love and appreciation for each other.

One day as I was bathing my newborn baby daughter, her four year old brother came into the bathroom to watch.  I asked him if he knew how we can tell if we have a boy baby or a girl baby.  He said, “Mom, you can’t tell when the baby is taking a bath.  You have to wait until they get dressed.  If the baby wears dresses, it’s a girl.  If the baby wears short sleeved shirts, it’s a boy.

That’s a funny story now, but it gave me some insights into how children take their cues from what they are taught.  Whenever a child claims to want to be a different gender, that’s a symptom that the child has been confused by the adults.

It’s bad enough for a child who is born into a morally poor home, but it’s far worse when the government spends taxpayer dollars nurturing a life of deception.

Our children are not a science experiment!  Our babies are hard-wired before birth to be either male or female.  Chemical castration before they’re adults is a crime that dooms the rest of their lives. 

Rape used to be punishable by the death penalty.  That’s because our society believed it was bad enough that it ruined the victim’s life.  Transgendering a child ruins many parts of these children’s lives because it is irreversible, leaves them sterile and presumes they will never have a normal view of themselves.  Common sense appears to be missing here!

On our show today, we talk with a highly acclaimed expert, Dr. Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians.  Dr. Cretella shares with us important information about the harm caused when those in the medical profession exacerbate these situations by promoting bad policies.  She also shares with us what we can do to make a difference.

What do you think about adults and professionals who lead children to change their biological truth?

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2.)  Ask your legislators to use the federal provisions that do not require public funding of transgender drugs and surgeries.

3.)  Speak up!  Use your freedom of speech in church groups, neighborhood groups and parent-teacher groups to create some balance in the debate.  If we don’t, the efforts of those trying to progress our society will appear weighted in their favor.  Someone needs to maintain balance in these debates!

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  • Lloyd

    It seems perfectly natural for a society that deny the obvious, insisting men and women are interchangeable, would accept that gender is not genetically determined. It’s the direct result of decades of teaching radical feminism in our schools. Neither science nor religion apparently can compete with our feminized society. Western civilization is doomed if conservative women don’t speak up and promote change.

  • Marie Olson

    I just wanted to say that every bit of this is TRUE…I really feel bad for the kids today not having a normal life…wish we could go back in time to the 40’s and 50’s

  • Dan J

    Typically squishy values of the Left and the slippery slope they work so hard to create. Remember when gays were screaming to just be left alone?…then tolerated….then accepted….then celebrated? That’s a long way from “don’t hurt us!” to demanding bakery services and wedding catering, driving a family out of business. Seems to be a war on anything smacking of tradition, convention, legacy, conformity, established rules and practices.

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