• Transgendering Children?

    This is a picture of us with six of our seven children. 
    L to R:  Ben, Matt, Cathryn, Philip, me, Bernie, Amanda and Susanna.


    Legislators use magic words when they want a bill to pass: “It’s for the children!”.  Yet, what children need most is parents who will guide them in understanding and accepting their identity just as they are made.  If children are confused, the adults need to bring them back to reality, not enter into their delusion.

    When the parents enable their children to take drugs that will permanently alter their brain development, leave them sterile and shut out the possibility of any return to normalcy, our society should draw the line.

    The medical profession is duty-bound to “do no harm”, yet when the professionals use their knowledge to do harm (i.e. terminate lives of those unborn, disabled, elderly or condemn children to a lifetime of impersonation), the doctors have shamed their profession.