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People are already talking about how the new incoming Democrat Congress wants to increase the amount of tax-payer dollars spent on abortions.  We should all be furious that the Republicans didn’t eliminate the tax-payer dollars being spent on abortions.

Even those in favor of abortion should still question why the government is funding it.  As a famous rapper Nick Cannon said, “It’s modern-day eugenics.” “It’s population control.”   It’s mysterious why those on the left are fighting so hard to get illegal aliens into this Country while trying to help us destroy our own natural born citizens.

We should not get caught up in the hype about how the Democrat run House will make things worse.  If the Republicans were afraid of a shut-down over the budget while they had control over the House, the Senate and the White-house, how can anything be worse?

Let’s just have a fun Christmas season.  Listen to our show today and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

How do you stay optimistic about the future of our Country when we’ve been let down so many times?



1.)  Read the Constitution so you will be knowledgeable and capable of calling a foul when you see one.  The only way I knew the judge was wrong was because I read the Fifth Amendment.  The Constitution was not designed to be so difficult that only lawyers could understand it.  It was designed to be so simple that everyone can understand it.  Holding people accountable to the truth is our only recourse.

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Some people think the Constitution is so academic that it must be boring.  But it’s not.  There are many interesting ways of explaining the principles by which our Country operates.  On today’s show you will learn some creative ways to explain the Constitution to others.  Click here to listen.

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