How Do People Get On the Ballot?


With the current mood of the voters, we are on the verge of breaking through the same old political routines. The 2016 elections will tell us how disappointed people are with the two major political parties.

Have you ever wondered how a candidate gets on the ballot? Today we speak with an expert on ballot access, Richard Winger. You will learn some reasons why voters are ready to shake off the major political party labels and find other options.

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  1. This article was disappointing to me to say the least, but I would like to hear your take on his troubling connections and views that run counter to some of our conservative constitutional values.

    I like your weekly newsletters, by the way, and look forward to reading them.

    • Dear Gary,
      Thanks for your comments. I appreciate you saying you like our weekly newsletters and that you look forward to reading them. When you said this article was disappointing, I am sure you were referring tot the one about Ben Carson. I have some concerns about all of the candidates. Perhaps this should be the topic of a future newsletter.

  2. It really is practically extremely difficult to come across well-qualified americans on this content, even though you appear like you fully understand what you’re preaching about! Thanks A Lot

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