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How Do People Get On the Ballot?


With the current mood of the voters, we are on the verge of breaking through the same old political routines. The 2016 elections will tell us how disappointed people are with the two major political parties.

Have you ever wondered how a candidate gets on the ballot? Today we speak with an expert on ballot access, Richard Winger. You will learn some reasons why voters are ready to shake off the major political party labels and find other options.

For more information, you can visit Ballot Access News or e-mail Richard at richardwinger@yahoo.com.

How Do People Get On the Ballot?

Bernie and I were attending a birthday party for a friend and ran into our former Congressman, Todd Akin and his wife, Lulli.

A lot of people just want to vote and don’t want to be bothered with understanding how candidates and questions get on their ballots. I can understand that. We expect our government to administrate the ballot printing and give us the maximum choices.

Years ago, people would just write the name of their chosen candidate on a piece of paper and put it in the ballot box. Look at how far we’ve come – from writing whatever names we want on a piece of paper to being handed a ballot containing only the names approved through the criteria set by the two major political parties that make more laws, blocking others from being on the ballot. We have ended up with duopoly democracy. Continue reading

Free and Fair Elections


What’s involved in getting a candidate on the ballot? Do political parties matter? During this episode we talk about what happened with Ron Paul, what George Washington said about the way we do things and why we need better options when we go to vote. If you ever wondered how the choices were authorized to show up on your ballot, you need to listen to this show.

Today I am joined by Jim Clymer, Former Chairman of the Constitution Party and Gary Odom, Former Field Director for a wonderful discussion of what they have seen over the years, the lawsuits they fought and why they are pressing on!