Gary Welch

Gary Welch – The Three Pillars


Today we get to talk with Gary Welch. Gary is a communications expert and currently serves as the National Communications Director for the Constitution Party. He shares with us “The Three Pillars” of how to win elections.

Recently, I read this on Facebook:

“Republican Party in Washington DC, We The People didn’t elect you to be bipartisan. We want things done or we will vote you out, I PROMISE!”

The sad truth is it’s far easier said than done. What’s a voter supposed to do? Listen to learn how to make it happen.

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  • ps_mike

    I don’t disagree with anything said here. In fact, this podcast described my beliefs up to 2008. Because of the bank and Wall St. bailouts, which in turn triggered my quest for knowledge of the federal reserve and a new study of history, I do not now support your views. They do not take into account that I and many like me were destroyed by the illegal bank bailouts through the illegal federal reserve. Good people have been swindled time and again throughout history. You do not recognize that war has been waged against us, and that alone necessitates compassion for those impoverished by traitors. You have become the conservative mirror image of Woodstock hippies. People like me in the fight are looking for militant solutions and that means engaging and inciting youth to see bankers as traitors, rather than Trump/Clinton divisive nonsense. They bankers must be attacked, arrested, and their assets confiscated.

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