• Riley Hood: Pro-Life Questions


    Why do the anti-life folks win and our efforts stall out year after year after year?  On our show today we discuss some of the reasons and some ideas for what you can do to make a difference.

    Today we have Riley Johnson Hood.  Riley is the former State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin.  He now is the Milwaukee County Chairman and is a frequent contributor to conservative newspapers and to the public debate.

  • Gary Welch

    Can the Republican Party be Saved?


    Most of the Republican members of the House of Representatives have voted against Christian and Conservative values and have been given a free pass because they “voted with the Republican caucus”.  Some believe if the elected officials are “On the Trump Train”, they’re okay now.  This kind of thinking hinders our ability to scrutinize votes through the lens of the Constitution.

    On our show today, we talk with Gary Welch, a former Republican Party strategist and opposition researcher.  He shares with us his insights on what it’s going to take to bring the Country back to living within the limits of the Constitution.

  • Gary Welch

    Gary Welch – The Three Pillars


    Today we get to talk with Gary Welch. Gary is a communications expert and currently serves as the National Communications Director for the Constitution Party. He shares with us “The Three Pillars” of how to win elections.

    Recently, I read this on Facebook:

    “Republican Party in Washington DC, We The People didn’t elect you to be bipartisan. We want things done or we will vote you out, I PROMISE!”

    The sad truth is it’s far easier said than done. What’s a voter supposed to do? Listen to learn how to make it happen.

  • Domestic Tranquility


    In today’s edition of Home Front, I share with you a presentation I did in front of a live audience in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, called “Domestic Tranquility.  In it we discuss  Marriage, marijuana and common core.

    So often we are getting shellacked by those who are on the other side because we don’t’ know how to explain what we believe.  If you listen today, you will hear some little gems you can use later.

    After the live talk, you will get to hear some bonus material to help you think through marijuana legislation.

  • Rep. Rick Jore – What Happened to America?


    Why would a person leave public office?

    What would make a person leave his political party?

    In today’s episode, we have a conversation with former state legislator, Rick Jore. You can hear what is in his heart and mine as well.

    If you are looking for answers to the question of what happened to America and how to fix it, you will find some of them here today. STAY THE COURSE!

  • Jennifer Young – Running for Public Office


    Why should anyone run for public office?  It can mean putting up with insults, deceptive tactics, sleepless nights and spending gobs of money.  Jennifer Young has answered the call to run for public office and is giving her all to be the next Secretary of State in Wyoming.  Listen to our show as we discuss all the details involved in the decision to run and what can happen when citizens get involved in their government.