Free the Land – Ken Ivory


We can understand the environmentalists trying to seize our land and render it useless. But we don’t understand the great extent of cooperation they enjoy from our Congress.

On our show today, I interview Ken Ivory, Esq., president of the American Lands Council.

2015 was the most damaging year on record for wild fires and who is to blame? The national government. Our Congress passed laws that have caused great harm to the logging industry, allowing trees to grow to unsafe levels and every year our government continues to pay about 2 billion dollars a year to the states as “shut up money”.

Learn more about the millions of acres being held hostage by our National Governent on this edition of Home Front.

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  • Robert Peck

    Great interview and such vital information that every American needs to understand. Not only is this important for a nation of people who wish to maintain “the rule of law” under our Constitution, but I appreciate that this interview brings out how the issue of unlawful federal control of land within the union states harms communities, damages state economies and even jeopardizes our national security.

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