Exit (a.k.a. Suicide)

Exit aka Suicide
This picture was taken at the Living Waters Studios.  From Left to right:  My Husband, Bernie, Me and Allen Atzbiwith, the General Manager.


Most of us remember the commercials, “Calgon Take Me Away!” and many “Southwest-WannaGet Away.”  Most people, if they are honest, would admit they have experienced moments of despair when they thought about taking a shortcut.

Death is sad enough because of the loss, but an intentional death is extra tragic.  Many of us were grieved to hear about the baby, Charlie Gard, and the couple who jumped off a building in the prime of their lives just this last week.

Even if we’re tempted to think a situation is impossible, as long as there is life, it’s never is too late.  We need to leave room for miracles.  Those who commit suicide make a decision they will not give God a chance to work in their circumstances.

When I was in the legislature we debated bills that would put more public money into “suicide prevention” programs.  While I understand the thought process behind it, the problems that precipitate suicide are much larger than what money can fix.

Probably everyone reading this has had a time when we’ve felt overwhelmed with dispair, but there are better answers.  Whether you are depressed yourself or you know someone who is depressed, you will enjoy listening to our show today.  We interview Ray Comfort to discuss his latest movie, “Exit”.

What do you think is the best way to prevent suicide?

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Exit aka Suicide

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  • Sam Backues

    An employer treating an employee decently with a decent living wage would go a long way. I have talked to too many young people who despair and talk of suicide when they can see no real opportunity to make it in the work force. When they see no opportunity to move ahead in the workforce in a society that prizes this so much, it causes the young generation to despair. Many feel stuck in the “rent trap” and hung at minimum wage or slightly above, with abusive employers who yell and scream at them, and constantly threaten to fire the employee. Wages are a big problem. I have worked factory for many years. In 1992, I started work in a factory for 8.50 an hour, last year, at a different factory I was making $8.75 an hour. Great evaluations, never been fired. Wages simply are stagnant, and hear of how cheap the mexicans and chinese will work. By the way, the chinese factories put up nets so they don’t lose so many workers to jumping off the balconies to commit suicide. Clue one to suicide…improper work conditions.

    • Sam Backues

      Correction, I was making $8.75 at the factory I am employed at last year, 25 years later from when I was making $8.50 an hour. Once again, great evaluations, employers talking big money….then at evaluation time, they can’t afford the decent wage increase, so they say. Then, I hear the company boasting of big profits later. Go figure.

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