Bucking the Trend

Bucking the Trend
This is a picture of me with Mike Moon at a Wallbuilders Conference.


I remember during my first session how much I looked forward to going home when the session adjourned for the year.  Recently, the Governor called the General Assembly back to Jefferson City to pass more laws.  For those of you less familiar with the legislative calendar, the regular session starts the first week of January and is finished in mid-May.  The special session should be only used for emergencies, not political posturing!  

Special session are allowed for urgent legislative crises that require action before the session begins next year.  Yet, most governors call these to showcase their positions and to provide political theater for lobbyists and political junkies.  Any legislation passed during this special session could have been passed during the regular session.  

There was nothing immoral or illegal about his calling this session, but we must apply the same measuring stick to all elected officials, regardless of political party affiliation. When I was in the House, our Republican Governor called a special session to pass a crony capitalism bill and the taxpayers have to bear the cost of this.  

Most special interest groups are unhappy with legislators they can’t control. Sadly, one of the tools of the political left is to mock, distort and harass the legislator until he learns the lesson to be quiet and sit down.  Fortunately, there are a few good people out there who are not intimidated and continue to do the right thing regardless.

Do you have a favorite legislator who has demonstrated a willingness to stand alone?  What did he or she do that was truly courageous?

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Just for fun:  I found an invitation from a joint fundraiser with Mike Moon from five years ago.  It was a happy memory.

Bucking the Trend



1.)  Listen to our show today Here and then write Mike Moon a letter of encouragement.  Here is his email address: www.mikemoonformissouri.com  We need to encourage the good ones if we expect them to think for themselves and do the right thing.

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Bucking the Trend

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Bucking the Trend


  • Lloyd

    My favorite legislator: Senator Ed Emery. With or without my input he votes as a true constitutional conservative believing in small government and that government can’t solve every societal problem.

    Another government database tracing all schedule II and higher drugs with more restrictions on doctors and pharmacist won’t solve the current opiiod endemic. MO, the only state without such database, is far from the worst in opioid deaths. Ed opposed this legislation because it didn’t solve the problem, but rather cost the state and public increased health cost.

  • David G. Baugh

    You need to have State Rep. Paul Curtman on your show. He is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Claire McKaskill.

  • Bob Peck

    A couple years ago, we had the same thing here in Washington. The governor called a special session because he wasn’t getting his way on increased taxes and spending. Ultimately, after dragging on and on and wasting a lot of taxpayer dollars, all but seven of the Republicans agreed to a budget that increased taxes and spending and funded Planned Parenthood.

    Special sessions work . . . as a tool for coercing legislators into voting for bad bills.

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