Common Core

Graduations are the visible summary of our academic accomplishments.

Here is the true common core:  We want our children to be successful.  How we accomplish that is up for debate.  What kind of students will we turn out with the current state of our educational system?  Some in Washington DC think their plan for “cookie cutter children” will work.  Those who can see through their plans know this is little more than another scheme to redistribute our hard earned taxpayer dollars and will result in a population that is devoid of personal uniqueness and indoctrinated into governmental dependence.

Contrary to what you may have heard of the “common core standards”, the goals are not commonly shared and the core standards are below where Missouri schools are currently.  Here is some additional information on where the educational bureaucrats are taking us next:

Missouri Coalition Against Common Core

Example of Common Core Curriculum

Missouri is one of 45 states that have already adopted the common core standards.  A failed bill was attempted this session to undo Missouri’s involvement in the common core, but it never came up for a floor vote in either chamber.

Join us tonight as we interview Ray Moore, author of “Indoctrination”.  He will share with us the inside scoop on these efforts to change the way we educate our children.

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Home Front Podcast, June 4, 2013

Tonight we will be talking with Ray Moore about the current state of our education system.

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