• How to Run a School District

    This photo was snapped at a campaign sign prep party we had two years ago.   In the photo is Cindy Redburn, candidate for State Representative in South County.  It takes a lot of great friends to have a great campaign!
    This photo was snapped at a campaign sign prep party we had two years ago. In the photo is Cindy Redburn, candidate for State Representative in South County. It takes a lot of  great friends to have a great campaign!

    I can remember many times through the course of eight years when we debated bills and I stood at my microphone asking the members if we are a state legislature or a school board. It always puzzled me when we would pass laws pertaining to how to run a school district. Perhaps I am sensitized to this from having served nearly nine years in municipal government. I vividly remember how offended we were over the threat of the state or national government putting mandates on our city.

    In the case of Amendment 3, which you will see on the ballot in November, this amendment was not put on the ballot by our state legislators. It was put on by a petition initiative.

  • Common Core

    Graduations are the visible summary of our academic accomplishments.

    Here is the true common core:  We want our children to be successful.  How we accomplish that is up for debate.  What kind of students will we turn out with the current state of our educational system?  Some in Washington DC think their plan for “cookie cutter children” will work.  Those who can see through their plans know this is little more than another scheme to redistribute our hard earned taxpayer dollars and will result in a population that is devoid of personal uniqueness and indoctrinated into governmental dependence.

  • Dr. Karen Effrem from Education Liberty Watch


    Home Front with Rep. Cynthia Davis on Missouri Grassroots Radio.  As a writer, speaker and former state legislator, Cynthia Davis shapes the public debates back toward integrity, honor and the ultimate weapon for limiting government—strengthening families.

    This week our guest is Dr. Karen Effrem, pediatrician and President of Education Liberty Watch.  Dr. Effrem shares with us from her vast wealth of knowledge of the efforts by the national government to put children on drugs keep a database on our children and interfere with parenting.

  • Reading – Writing – Arithmetic?

    Character means more than party affiliation

    kidsinclass1b3643All this time we thought our education tax dollars were intended for teaching “the three Rs”—reading ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.  If the school boards would focus on the purpose for their creation, we would save ourselves a great deal of wasted time, emotional turmoil and tax dollars.

    California provided the nation with a lesson on how far a state can go off the mission of academics with a bill passed last year.   This new law is now forcing their school children to be indoctrinated in “politically correct” distractions pertaining to deviant lifestyles.  Sadly, this is way off target and will prove to be a greater distraction to learning the basic essentials.  California may find they have created more problems than they solved.