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Do you ever get discouraged about the condition of our country? There’s hope. Our values are still worth fighting for. On our show today, you’ll hear me ask the real questions about why our representatives tend to betray us.

There is a general sense of disgust and frustration over the mess in Washington D.C. , but as you listen to our guest, you’ll come away with solutions and encouragement.

Today we get to talk with Doug Sachtleben. Doug is the Communications Director of Club for Growth.

Club for Growth was recently mentioned in a National Review story about how the next focus needs to be on Congressional Races. Doug is here to put it all together for us and help us make sense out of this election cycle.

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  • Bob

    Excellent podcast this week! You and your guest managed to touch on a lot of issues that Christian and conservative folks need to understand. If only people would stop voting for parties and start voting for candidates and principles. Of course Christians would first need a refresher in what constitutes Christian political principles.

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