Can We Downsize Government?

I was on the Marc Cox show last week.  If you want to hear the segment, you can click here:

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Cynthia Davis on The Marc Cox Show: This Is The Most Republican District In MO, And He’s Voting To The Left

When some people hear about any problem, their first reaction is to try to figure out how government can fix it.  While government can solve some problems, government can’t solve everything.  When government does solve a problem, it  usually comes with a high price tag, is less efficient than if we solved it ourselves and may harm others with unintended consequences.

Congress has the lowest approval rating in history.  It is now down to 11% approval.  If we continue to give these legislators more time in Washington to continue ruining our country, then it’s no wonder people are losing their optimism.

Don’t take my word for it.  Click on these links to see for yourself and it will help you understand why I would want to re-engage in the political process by putting my own name on the ballot:

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For a great example of government’s dictating everything, the last time I was at my local post office, I noticed how much it was in direct competition with our local retailers.  We thought they were supposed to just sell postage and delivery services.

No, no, no!  They are after whatever profit margins are available even if it means direct competition with local retailers.  Our Post Offices are now selling greeting cards and gift cards that can easily be purchased elsewhere in the same community.

Here’s the biggest surprise.  I thought it might interest you to see a picture of how commercialized the post office has become with all the retail goods on display.  Apparently, this may have caused great harm to the community because the employee behind the counter told me I am not allowed to take pictures of their retail goods.

Ask yourself, “What is the post office afraid of?”  Is it ashamed of something?  In this age when people are taking pictures of everything, it’s hard for me to even understand if this is a legitimate policy, but even harder to understand why it wants to keep secrets over what kind of inventory it maintains.  When government gets so big it is competing with free markets, we are on the path to Communism.  When a government-owned business has the power to dictate what we can take pictures of, we are on the path to tyranny.

We want to hear your solutions.  My answer ie to change these people, but I want to know what you are thinking.  Share your thoughts with me and others below.

If you want to hear more about these ideas, you will enjoy our podcast this week with Chris Edwards, economist from Cato Institute.  He discusses some of the problems we are having with a tax-payer subsidized postal service.


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  • Hal Moran

    Dr. Edwards Deming said, “Changing what people do won’t change the system. Changing the system will change what people do. You have to change the system.”

    He was right then and he’s still right 50 years later. Systems Thinking is part of the solution.

  • Dave Heim

    As is always the case, the answers lie in the Constitution, as you well know. I cannot find a single example of the government straying from it’s defining document without having negative consequences. I have found B. Luetkemeyer to be very little better than a typical Democrat for as long as he has held office. Being an incumbent, I know he will have all the advantages, but I hope you can oust him. You’re voting record has been exemplary while his has been anemic at best. Good luck, and you can count on my support.

  • Brad

    Why do you think the post office is government owned? They have a dot com website address…. I think, although I can’t prove it… that they are some type of bastardization in which they’re privately owned by someone’s ugly Uncle and they agreed to do a government function.

    Government agencies cannot have a dot com website, right? There are other issues, but this will start you thinking.

    Have fun!

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