A Round Table Discussion on the Right to Farm – Missouri Amendment #1


We all know about the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, but what about farming?    Tea Party and grassroots folks seem to be divided.   Throw in the fact that “Big- Agri” appears to support this while many small farmers are not convinced.  Is there more we need to know?  Your thoughts and comments are welcomed as well.  Join us as we get into the meat of this amendment.

You are invited to call in and participate.  If even some of the best legal experts are divided on whether this is good or bad, productive dialogue with you may help us discover the Constitutional answer!


  • Anne Edwards

    You know, I am sick of the people in Kansas City and St. Louis who know nothing about farming except that they like to eat, telling farmers how to run their operations. It is even worse when we are attacked by groups who are not found in Missouri, except when they come into the state to throw their money around and tell us how to manage our businesses. In the last few years the only thing that has kept our state going financially is money from the agriculture industry. Please, watch this video. These speakers come from and represent Missouri, some more locally, and some in the US Congress.

  • topcatroars

    Thing is you have that wrong-It’s life, liberty and property!!! Happiness is assumed if you have the three and well it would be!!! It is your God given right to provide and to the religion of your choice. There should be no restraints on raising food -Food is property.

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