Why Be Constitutional?

A few months ago, I made a trip to Spokane, Washington.  While there, I happened upon a yard sign for Matt Shea, so we took a picture.

The Constitution is designed to protect our Country “to insure domestic tranquility and provide for the common defense“.  It is Constitutional for our government to define the rules on who comes here from other countries.

We need to show compassion and pity for our pastors, given the confusing times upon us.  For years they were told to stay out of politics because it would cost them their tax exempt status.  Most of them were quiet and offered no guidance about political issues.  That was a bad idea because their passivism eroded away our religious freedom.

Then the pendulum started swinging the other way.  Under the Obama administration, pastors felt the first signs of religious oppression and faced real loss of religious freedom because of their silence.  They were encouraged to try to guide their congregations on political matters.  Some did it well.  Others have been manipulated into serving the agenda of the left.

An ad was published in the Washington Times signed by several ministry leaders urging the President to reinstate United Nations refugee resettlement in our Country.  Some of these ministry leaders are well known and have a large following, so their endorsement carries a strong influence.

These ministry leaders appear to be unaware of the history of harm caused to our citizens and the citizens of other countries that hosted these refugees from terror based countries.  It is impossible to separate the good ones from the ones trying to sneak in to create chaos.  When Christian leaders stand against our executive branch’s efforts to protect us, their actions are harmful to our Country.

America is filled with compassionate and generous citizens.  Some Christians think letting refugees come here is a proper Christian posture. However, it’s Christian to protect ourselves from having innocent people murdered by any religious group.  Because our Constitution was based upon the Biblical worldview, it’s a valuable guide for how to navigate through the murky waters of public policy.  It’s Constitutional for us to put our Country’s best interests first.

It’s time for some helpful dialogue with our poorly informed leaders.  Here are my suggestions:

1.) Think and learn before you speak. There are many experts who know what’s going on who would be glad to explain why you shouldn’t have signed that letter. What do you know about our Nation’s immigration policy?  You’re not elected officials, so you’re not privy to the same information offered to our government.  It’s entirely possible that with the same set of facts, you would be supporting the administration’s position as well.

Don’t use your bully pulpits to work against the safety of our Country. You can use your pulpits to discuss the benefits of immigration, the importance of hospitality, the value of prayer and to ask your members to take in homeless people individually, but you need to start by being the church to your own arena.

2.)  Our President is trying to protect you—SO YOU CAN BE FREE TO PREACH THE WORD OF GOD!!! He already has 24 hour protection, but you don’t. This executive order is for YOU to be able to worship God and evangelize openly in a free country. Why would you fight against your own security?

3.)  If you want to embrace the refugees, you can go over there to help them. It’s arrogant to presume that our government must bring them here in order to help them.  America is a nice place to live because we fought for our liberty.  They need to fight for their liberty in their own countries as well.  If they can’t fix their countries, they need to go someplace near enough to return when the dust settles.  It’s a lot easier to sign a letter boasting about your religion than it is to go to the Middle East yourself.

Where are all the stories of refugees’ coming to Christ?  We’re not hearing them because these hosting organizations have to sign a contract prohibiting them from evangelizing refugees.

4.)  The church needs to be “the bride of Christ”, not part of the United Nations.  The organization that paid for this ad, World Relief, is getting money from the Federal Government, so there’s an obvious motivator beyond something spiritual.  This article was written before Trump took office, but offers a lot of details.

5.)   LIsten to what Franklin Graham, President of Samaritan’s Purse, said about it:  “Just because we give medical care to ISIS fighters doesn’t mean I would want to allow any one of them to immigrate to the United States. That would be crazy. Taking time to vet who we’re allowing to enter America isn’t too much to ask—we need to know who they are. God does tell us to help the stranger and those in need; but God doesn’t tell us to expose our cities, homes, and lives to hostile people. Remember, Jerusalem had walls and gates, and when they had a threat, the gates were closed. Many Muslim groups have made no secret of their deep and deadly hatred for this country.”

One final thought.  I would much prefer us to have these conversations in private, but when these leaders sign a public letter, there is no recourse but to offer a corrective position.  I certainly don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but to offer no rebuttal is tantamount to letting them speak for us.

100+ Evangelical Leaders Appeal to Trump and Pence in Washington Post Ad Over Refugee Ban • ChurchLeaders.com

With all that’s going on in politics, it’s refreshing to hear from someone who is in the minority,  yet is making a difference.

On our show this week, we offer encouragement.  There are some good elected officials who know how to legislate a better way.  Rep. Matt Shea talks with us about what it means to be Constitutional!  You can listen to the show by clicking here:

So, what are your thoughts on the refugee moratorium?

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1.)   I’ve never been more optimistic!  We have a great reason to dialogue with the spiritual leaders.  Use this as a teachable moment.  If you attend a church, talk with your pastor about the importance of siding with those who want to protect and defend our freedoms.  You may be the only one to help him understand.  Even if your pastor is clear about this issue, he needs to be affirmed and supported.

2.)  Invite me to speak.  If you have an event where you need a speaker, please let me know.  I am dedicating my energy on the places where I can make the greatest difference.  Please let the meeting organizer know that I can help your group understand the intersection of government and families in a way they may have never known before.  If you want me to come and help your efforts to educate and motivate your network, please click this button here:

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  • Bob Peck

    I suppose that some people would point to the story in Matt 22:1-14 as an example of God opening the doors to everyone, inviting all to “come to the wedding feast,” and making the case that therefore the Christian thing to do is to just let everyone in. However, one day I noticed that that story ends with the expulsion of a guest who was not wearing the correct garment. In John 10:9 Jesus said that he is the door that men must enter by to be saved. In John 14:6 Jesus said that he was the way to the Father and that “no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Even the heavenly city has walls around. 

    The point is that God wants everyone in His kingdom, but there is a prescribed method of entry and not just everyone gets in. You have to enter God’s kingdom the right way, by bowing to the authority and headship of His son who you submit to as Lord.

    If we really want to follow God’s example, we would want everyone to share in the joys and benefits of life in America, but, like God does with his kingdom, we would prescribe proper methods of entry and would assure that those entering are committed to submitting to the Christian laws and culture of our country.

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