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A little while ago, Dana Loesch and I were both getting ready to speak at a rally.   It always helps to process politics with others to broaden our perspective.

A little while ago, Dana Loesch and I were both getting ready to speak at a rally.  It always helps to process politics with others to broaden our perspective.

After 15 hours of working at the polls, I was pleasantly awakened late Tuesday night by a friend, Marie Lasater, who called to tell me she just beat a 20 year incumbent to win her election as County Coroner.  What a week of surprises!  Here are a few takeaways:

1.)  Don’t believe polls.  The only poll that counts is the one taken on election day when the ballots are counted.

2.)  Although both Hillary and her VP running mate blamed a part of her loss on her being a woman, don’t believe that for one minute.  Plenty of women, myself included, have run and won as women.  It’s not her gender that cost her the election.  It was her policies, e-mail and Benghazi scandals and condemnation of those who are on the middle to right end of the political spectrum.

3.)  The riots are being perpetrated by unknowing people who think destruction is better than construction.  They are proof that the electorate doesn’t understand the part of the Constitution that explains how we select our President.  If you know someone who needs remedial help, click here:

Rioting is a cowardly and lazy way to precipitate change.  It takes a lot more work to engage in a campaign, write letters to the editor, walk door to door or set up a phone bank for your favorite issue or candidate.  We should always expect civility, decency and morality to one another from our fellow citizens.  Rioting is a way for those who already had evil in their hearts to act like wild animals hurt other people.

4.)  Lots of people prayed that God’s will would be done.  We got a wake up call the that price of peace is eternal vigilance.  We must never stop praying for our leaders and public servants.

On our podcast this week we visit with a Democrat political expert to get the viewpoint from another perspective.  If you are not in the habit of listening to it, but are curious, just click the picture at the top of the page and the show will begin.

What do you think should be the priorities of our Country next?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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What You Can Do

1.)  Be a peacemaker.  Where people are unhappy, offer them the perspective of love, kindness, gentleness and compassion.  Always default to the position of showing grace and mercy on those who are uninformed and misinformed.  We can bring more people our way if we treat one another with respect and dignity.

2.)  If you were actively involved in a  campaign, enjoy the extra time you have in your life and use it to help others in a meaningful way.  Commit to making the world a better place by using any skill you have to bring others to the light you have in your life.

3.)  Invite me to speak.  If you have an event where you need a speaker, please let me know.  I am spending my energy on the places where I can make the greatest difference.  Please let the meeting organizer know that I can help your group understand the intersection of government and families in a way they may have never known before.  If you want me to come and help your efforts to educate and motivate your network, please click this button here:

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  • Bill Burt

    There is so much that needs to be addressed that I don’t know where to start. Our immigration system need to be changed, I would start with looking to follow the late Texas Senator, Barbara Jordan’s plan, that was Chairman of the Immigration Reform Committee; she said immigration should be for the benefit of America. She was a Democrat, but she was a smart lady that had the interest of our Republic in what she wanted to do. First the Southern border needs to be secured, then we need to cut off the $200+ billion annual funding of illegal aliens, which would self deport the majority that are here. When you look at how our immigration system used to work, there is no comparison of what is happening today; they used to have a sponsor, where taxpayer funds wasn’t needed.
    Our government needs to be pared down a lot, 2 of the first things I would like to see eliminated, the United Nations, which is totally evil in every way; think about why we were not allowed to win a war since WW 11. There is no need for the “Dept. of None Call it Education,” there is a Dept. of Education in every state, which causes enough trouble. I believe every agency, or program the federal government has that is a duplicate of what the states have, should be eliminated. All of the multi thousands of pages of, so called free trade agreements that have moved our manufacturing out of the United States, like NAFTA, and GATT for a start. The IMF and World Bank also need to be swept into the dustbins of history. I can also see a need to eliminate some of the alphabet agencies, especially those that are duplicates of others.
    That’s all for today.


  • Gary Bowling

    Republicans have always talked about the repeal and replacement of Obama snare sorry care but what’s the replacement plan? I do like that President Trump, (dang it felt good to say that), wants to keep the two items he mentioned, (existing problem insured and adult child still living at home with conditions) but we need a better replacement fast! I have never heard of an option in any real detail from the republicans. This is top priority for re-election. Also Religious freedom is vital. We need to protect our right to choose not to be a part of anything that is against our Christian beliefs especially in our businesses, such as a bakery baking a cake for a same sex marriage or a pharmacy forced to sell abortifacients. This is already a right that needs to be enforced. Also we need to protect the unborn children by defunding planned parenthood, at least any tax dollars that would go toward abortion. I don’t understand why we need planned parenthood for women’s healthcare when we have doctors for healthcare. We definitely need to protect Israel and stand with them no matter what! Israel is an Island of democracy and freedom surrounded by a sea of radical Islamists. Israel is very special to God! Immigration and protecting our borders, Supreme court judges who are Constitutionalists. Well I guess that’s all I want for Christmas. For now.

  • David murphy

    The Republican Party desperately needs better media involvement better involvement in our colleges and better involvement in advertising or the scale is going to tip the other way and it’s going to be extremely hard to ever get it back

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