What Happened To Our Country?

This is a picture of the people acting up at the Galleria in St. Louis last Saturday.  So sad that they need to cause a ruckus, but unless our Country gets more godly, we may be in for more of the same.

These are not “protesters”. They are rioters.

If they were interested in justice, they would be at the courthouse.  If they had any honor or credibility, they would not be destroying private property.

These people are filled with hate against God and man. I hope they are required to pay back everything they destroyed, plus a penalty, or else they will do it again.

Yet, ultimately, we get what we tolerate.  If only 3-5% of the people could get together and unify around the same goals, we could turn this Country around.  We don’t have control over the entire Country, but we can take control over where we are now.  Start speaking the truth and standing for what’s real and for what’s right!

Some people think we have a shortage of good candidates.  We definitely have a shortage of good voters who take the time to inform themselves.

Every piece of turf is worth fighting for!!!  Every election is an opportunity for the voters to be exposed to the truth.  We live in a land where God has shown us He can do anything.  We should continue to promote truth and push against the evil forces that are trying to rob us and our future generations from the happiness that comes from living in a Country founded upon Judeo-Christian ethics.

We are in a time when the principles upon which our Country was founded are under attack like never before:  The idealism of America, The Constitution, Christianity, the Bible, God, traditional marriage, the sanctity of life and anything sacred and good.

Germany, Russia and China, all in the last century, ended up being taken over by evil people who murdered and starved to death well over 250 million people.  This is what happens when people give up the fight.  We have a Constitution that guides us and we must elect people who are willing to live within its boundaries.

What are your thoughts on the direction of our Country?


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  • Rebecca Unnerstall

    Americans need Truth, maybe we should start with Americans. All of us who were born here or came here legally are Americans, red, yellow, black & white. We need to know Gods enemy is lying to us and dividing us. We can’t let that happen, we should be smarter then to let the liar have his way with us, our children and our nation. May those who know truth speak up and share it. Can you think of anything better then helping save a Soul from eternal damnation or helping ensure Freedom in America for future generations? May God equip us to speak when and what we should for His glory?

  • Steven Juhala

    Yes, I definitely think we need to elect people who will live within the Constitutions guidelines. We also need to elect Godly People and to standup for issues as needed.

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