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This photo came from our trip to California.   We met at Dana Point for a lovely evening together.   L to R: Bill Lussenheide, his wife, Terry, Me, husband, Bernie, and Donna Ivanovich.


At a meeting I attended last night, one of the speakers gave us a legislative update.  The speaker told us all the statistics of how many pro-life people are in our State government. Perhaps she was expecting us to applaud.

Then she explained how very little was being done to move any pro-life bills.  She said the legislature usually waits until the last week to pass the pro-life bills.  As much as I wanted to get up and tell them what’s really happening, I just sat back quietly thinking about how easily people can be manipulated.  

We must call the bluffs on all the elected officials who claim one thing during election season and then ignore their public statements after they get into office.  In all fairness to the “rank and file” members, a few of them are already doing all they can.  I know because I was in that position only a few years ago.   There are not enough honorable people in office to move a Constitutional agenda forward.

Lots of state legislatures are beginning to wind down for the year.  The last week of session is the week when bills get held hostage in exchange for the passage of other bills and other favors.

If you like political gamesmanship, pull up a chair and make some popcorn.  The show is about to begin!  However, for the rest of us who would like to sincerely believe what we are told before the election, it’s always a disappointment.

Instead of grieving over our legislative losses, we must remember that this is a game of fundraising and maneuvering.  I would have had more peace if I had realized this earlier.  This is why some people get disappointed and lose interest in politics.  The only people who set the agenda are those in the positions of power—Speaker of the House, the Senate President Pro-Tem or the Governor.

Don’t lose heart.  The only way anyone gets elected is by Divine appointment.  There are lots of reasons for people on all parts of the political spectrum to be discouraged, but every day you wake up, we have more opportunities to spread truth and add valuable insights to the world in which we live.

More people every day see the actions that speak louder than the words.

You will feel better is you listen to the show this week with Bill Lussenheide.  Just click here and enjoy some wisdom from someone with a birds-eye view.

Regardless of the news of the day, what encourages you to keep going?


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