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Most of you know I own a retail business, Back To Basics Christian Store in the Mid Rivers Mall. Whenever it is possible, we like to order our stock from American manufacturers. This is a picture of me with my husband and Joe Knutson, President of P. Graham Dunn at the factory in Dalton, Ohio where the Amish make a lot of our inventory.


The idea of trade sounds good on the surface.  We all like to have neighbors and trade our stuff for theirs.  Specialization propelled our prosperity.

However, now many trade deals have shipped our most productive jobs overseas and thereby, sent some of our prosperity away.   Some of these trades further enrich and prop up hostile foreign dictatorships.

There is a moral component to where we direct our finances.  Is that what we want to do with our money?

Some people are trying to tear down our historic monuments because we don’t want anything that could remind us of the era when our Country allowed slavery.  Yet we support slavery when it comes to slaves from other countries, particularly China, making goods for us to buy at cheap prices.

Our Country has become a big supporter of slave labor by trading with China.

China is essentially one great big slave plantation.  Its barbaric practices are worse than the abuses that happened in our Country.  Government officials can kidnap women and forcibly abort their babies if they didn’t get permission to be pregnant.  Citizens, particularly Christians, can be kidnapped, tortured for years, have their body organs carved out and sold.

Our Nation has been betrayed by our own public officials who sold China our most sensitive military secrets.  The Congress is not demanding accountability.  The voters are not willing to oust their members of Congress.  The only real solution is to educate the American people, starting with the American people wanting to be informed.

We don’t need the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) or Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) for our Country to trade with other countries.  That’s just a trick to prevent us from being able to govern ourselves and use our own rules.

The end result is a loss of our sovereignty to a global agenda.  As a result, we are not allowed to require labeling showing the country where goods originate.  Why wouldn’t we want to know that?

Our President deserves credit for getting rid of the TPP.  He has a few too many swamp creatures in his administration who are doing everything they can do to sabotage him.

We cannot pin all our hopes on one man.  Our system was designed to distribute power to other branches.  If you think Trump is going to take care of everything, you’re in for a disappointment because he is only one man.  The deep state is real and it’s in both major political parties.

What are your thoughts on trade deals with other countries?

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  • David G. Baugh

    Trump is a puppet political prostitute of those who got him into office. Who are they? No, not the unwitting Americans who voted for him and think he is going to be their savior from “the deep state,” who are our antichrist Edomite adversaries identified in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 and their proselytes now in control of the U.S. government, it’s foreign policy, it’s economic system and even mainstream media and so-called “entertainment” industry. For those interested in learning the real truth and how they are the one’s in power using their puppet Trump the chump to sucker the unwitting American people into perpetual war and economic slavery along with all other nations our military is being used to destroy, solely for the benefit of the international banking cartel and those who call themselves “Israelis” who currently occupy the land fallaciously called “Israel stolen from it’s rightful heirs the Palestinians & Syrians, here is a very good source of information, with links to other such reliable sources:

    When will professing Christian Americans come to the realization that we already have our Only Risen King, Savior & Law-Giver in Jesus Christ, not our own corporate fiction creature government image and mere humans we allow to run it (false Baal gods) who are systematically rendering His absolute, unalterable, eternal, and “perfect law of liberty” of no effect!

    We Christian Americans each have the duty and responsibility, individually and collectively to see to it our Creator/Savior’s social, political, economic, environmental order and moral code (His law-system) He set forth for us, His covenant people, Israel, now known as “Caucasian Christians” who have become the “multitude of nations” promised to our forefathers Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob/Israel of which the USA is but one, is done in our respective lands pursuant to Deuteronomy 28:1-14 and His explicit instructions to keep His commandments by making practical application of same into our society & government which we have failed and refused to do, thus, we are now experiencing His chastisement as prescribed in Deuteronomy 28:15-68 as is evidenced by our ever worsening predicament.

    Most professing Christian Americans say they are awaiting Jesus to come again and do again that which He has already done, which was to redeem us back into His “new marriage covenant” after having “divorced” us for doing the same thing we are now doing which is bowing in fear, worship, support & dependence upon our own corporate fiction creature government image & mere humans we allow to run it rather than “seeking first the kingdom/Government of our Creator/Savior!

    In reality, He is patiently awaiting us to turn back to Him by doing what we are told in II Chronicles 7:14, and II Corinthians 10:2-6 thereby once again giving our King the honor and glory due Him by seeing to it His will/law is done in our land just like we are told in His model prayer in Matthew Chapter 6, whereupon, once again, we will see what is described in Matthew 13:37-43 take place and our antichrist Edomite adversaries (“tares”) whom He hates (Malachi 1 & Romans 9 where they are called His “vessels of wrath fitted for destruction”) yet is using as “thorns in our sides” (Judges 2:1-3), will be fleeing His wrath wielded by His messengers & faithful servants and taken out of our midst, along with all the antichrist Edomite (RED) socialism/communism built upon economic fraud & usury they have built up, and our land will be cleansed as promised! YHWH speed the day!

  • Arthur LeBeau, Jr.

    I disagree with my social media posting friend David (from other sites). I am firmly behind Donald Trump and also firmly believe our Lord Jesus had a plan for “The Donald” being elected. Yes a couple of things I have disagreed with but I don’t know all of the details and neither does 99% of the people.

    Yes He needs to repent of past sins (same as all of us) and accept Jesus as Lord & Savior, and I firmly believe he will.

    I have read many articles relative to Israel and depending upon who you read (and they are all staunch Christians) the synopsis is quite different. For me at this time, I have a wait & see attitude, knowing full well Jesus is in charge.

    • David G. Baugh

      Hello Art,
      You are right in that our Creator/Savior is in control, and that He “…has a plan for “The Donald” being elected.” However, that plan is in accordance with His chastisement of us “stiff necked” contemporary Israelites being carried out by His “vessels of wrath fitted for destruction,” our antichrist Edomite adversaries. When you take the time and make the effort to do your own research as have some very good impartial investigative journalists such as, but not limited to the one(s) I recommended above, you will find that Trump has sold his soul and his honor and integrity to those who own and control him through their economic and political stranglehold they have upon him and most others in U.S. government.

      Trump is nothing more than a figurehead doing the bidding of those who own and control him as is evidenced by his actions using his power of office to benefit the antichrist Edomite Israelis while telling unwitting Americans everything they want to hear. Or, as our Savior described them, outwardly they appear to be good but inwardly are as ravening wolves. Trump has aligned himself with the wolves and is therefore a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” As we are told, we can know a man by his fruits and so far, the fruits of his actions are all evil and the perpetuation of the ever worsening predicament we have gotten ourselves into for our having failed and refused to make the practical application of true Christianity as described above into our society & government.

      Yes, our Creator/Savior is using Trump and his slimy associates to teach us, His disobedient children still another hard lesson: We will either choose to govern ourselves under His “perfect law of liberty” and have His wondrous blessings, or we will find ourselves ruled by tyrants and oppressors, under the illusion of freedom. By the way, to illustrate the point that it is our Creator/Savior who is using our antichrist Edomite adversaries to chastise us, it is Him Who has given us “strong delusions” so we would believe the lie as you can read in II Thessalonians 2:11. What is that lie? That we can be as gods unto ourselves and render our Creator/Savior’s laws of no effect without suffering the dire consequences He will impose upon us using that “man of sin” and “son of perdition” who are the descendants of Esau/Edom, our antichrist Edomite adversaries and their puppet political prostitutes like Trump.

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