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Years ago, a student would be sent to the principal’s office for using profanity.   Now teachers are asking students to use profanity!

We went from a time when they threw “religion” out of schools to a time when God is brought back in so He can be openly mocked.

We went to the Lindbergh School District Board meeting to ask the members to adopt a policy against using profanity in the classroom. They told me they’ll get back to me later. I’m still waiting…

The School Board allows each person three minutes at the end of the monthly meeting.  Three minutes is not much time to explain something this complex, but here’s the gist:

My son is taking a theater class. The students are working on a script that is laced with poor language.  The lines given to my son are blaspheme.  Is it right for a teachers or any other authority figures to ask their students to commit a sin publicly in front of the classroom?

Our tax-payer-funded schools went from removing the Ten Commandments from the walls to asking the students to break the Ten Commandments. Sheesh!

It does irreparable damage to the student’s forming conscience to force him to violate what he’s been taught. Think about how this impacts our culture when a teacher no longer has any sense about right and wrong.

I am asking for a district-wide policy to refrain from using profanity in the classroom.  Shockingly, that appears to be asking too much.  This is not just about my son.  This is about standards of conduct for all the teachers.  Years ago we could assume that the teachers would have enough self-imposed restraint and prudence to not use offensive material.  If we can’t trust the judgement of the teachers, as my story substantiates, a policy will prevent more harm to children and families.

Here’s what the principal told me:
1.)  They spent taxpayer dollars to buy these scripts and don’t feel right altering them now.
ResponseThey used our hard earned dollars to buy smut???  Why couldn’t they buy something uplifting, inspirational and that will bring out the best in the students?

2.)  Different parents have different ideas of what’s right and wrong, so they can’t possibly find a good fit.
ResponseI’m sure parents are not going to be unhappy because there’s not enough pornography, violence, profanity and filth in the classrooms.  Why can’t we err on the side of safety?  Why can’t we show students better, higher and preferred ways to express ourselves?

We are not the only parents who feel this way.  We have read about Sodom and Gomorrah and how these ancient cities fell because of their immorality.  We may now be living in the same moral squalor without even realizing it.   A vocal and immoral minority is running the Country.

At least my son knows the difference between right and wrong.  He got to watch his parents fight for integrity and virtue.  It matters.

What do you think we need to do to hold our schools to higher standards?  





1.)  Vote against tax increases and bond issues.

Tip: If it’s called a “No Tax Increase Bond Issue” it’s still like a tax increase because it will prevent you from getting a tax reduction when the bond issue matures.  It deceptively is approving of a tax increase and increases the indebtedness of your schools.

As long as the public schools are promoting immorality, godlessness and poor character in our next generation, they don’t need more money.  This is the only leverage we have.

If you don’t have a child of your own in public school, find one and have a conversation about what’s going on there.  You can usually find one at church, at a family gathering or in your neighborhood.  Be prepared for an eye opener.

2.)  Listen to our show today.  Share our newsletter and this podcast with someone who may need it.  I talk with Tammy Kobza, National Coordinator for the Phylllis Schlafly Eagles.  We share how to make a difference and I discuss more details about my story with her.   You can hear our show here.  

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  • Bob

    To answer your question, “What do you think we need to do to hold our schools to higher standards?” My answer is that we; the church; Christians; the right, need to hold ourselves to higher standards. We have allowed ourselves to be “partisan” as opposed to “principled;” we have allowed ourselves to be so-called “conservative” as opposed to strictly “Constitutional;” and we have allowed ourselves to be merely “Republican” as opposed to uncompromisingly “righteous.” We have sown the seeds of compromise in exchange for political power and have reaped the harvest of political power that is compromised. 

    I’m not just blaming those in power, but we who put them there as I believe the electing of carnal and compromised leaders is merely the reflection of the carnal and compromised state of the church at large. It’s time for revival in the church and that can only happen when each of us makes a commitment to personal revival. 

    Are we really loving, treasuring, and devoting ourselves in faithful allegiance to the Lord with all our heart, soul, and strength (Deut 6:4), not just on Sunday, but in all the affairs of daily life? He only shows Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is “loyal” to Him, or “fully committed” to Him (2 Chr 16:9). 

    Sometimes, truly honoring God and standing uncompromisingly faithful to His right standard might mean standing alone, apart from society in general and even from your specific political and partisan affiliations, but ultimately, it’s the only way to qualify for His honoring you, and that’s way better than being in the majority or simply holding political power.

    1 Samuel 2:30  “. . . I will honor those who honor me, and I will despise those who think lightly of me.”

    Has the so-called Christian right chosen for ourselves leaders who are fully devoted to honoring God, or have we made ourselves the devotees of personalities and a party that thinks lightly of Him, and if the later, then how can we expect anything good to come of that which the Lord has promised to despise?

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