The Power of Being United

This is the picture that goes with our story. 
I hope it touches your heart as much as it touched mine.


Recently, one of my friends shared something that helped me understand the importance of our message and our methods.

Here is her story:

“When I got here, there was a woman who was holding a sign that said “Ask me how I can be a Catholic and queer.”  To my shame I walked past her.

I️ just passed her again and there was a young man engaging her in conversation. I waited until they were done with their conversation (which ended in a hug that she initiated) to ask the young man if he was Ryan Bomberger. He’s known as a terrific proclaimer of Truth about sanctity of human life. He can also proclaim God’s Truth and the gift of salvation-forgiveness-abundant life through Jesus. But then truth is truth. Thank you Ryan.”

This is an important message for all of us.  We should be touched by a story of how our responses can make a difference in the lives of others.  It’s far easier to walk past those whose lives are messy than to stop and answer their questions.

Too many people don’t ask questions.  We need to be ready with answers when someone does.

If I could change anything about my experience of nearly 17 years as an elected official, I would have worked harder to show love and compassion in a deeper way to my colleagues.  I wish I would have had a mentor who could have talked me through different situations and shown me better ways.  We spent so much time honing our positions and articulating the principles of conservatism, sometimes I wonder if there is more I could have done.

It’s common in public office to butt heads on principles.  We spend so much time in debate, yet most of my colleagues don’t hold deep seated positions on much.  Some people are simply misguided.  We cannot change them by going into a defensive posture.  We must be bigger than the situation if we hope to transmit anything.

Although voting on principle was important to me, I have to admit, principles are not important to many elected officials.  The majority of the office holders as well as voters make their decisions based on what’s popular among their friends.  Therefore, being a friend will gain more credibility for a cause than hundreds of righteous arguments.

When I was first elected, I remember saying, “I was not elected to ‘Miss Congeniality’ or to go to cocktail parties.”  Now that I have a broader perspective, I’m starting to see that going to more “cocktail parties” may have served the purpose better.  Our goal is to win back our culture so we can become a more free and virtuous society.  That’s not happening when we vote.  It will happen when we win over the hearts of the citizens.

May this story cause all of us to temper our reactions and responses to those who ask.  People will know we are Christians by our love.  We are one Country.  Instead of blocking others off, we should ask how we can become “E pluribus unum“— Out of many, one.   We would be surprised at what we could accomplish if all the good people came together with one goal, one identity and one set of values.

What are you doing to promote Christian unity and love to the world?

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