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We took a day off of politics to have a little fun at the Muny on a beautiful summer night in St. Louis.
We took a day off of politics to have a little fun at the Muny on a beautiful summer night in St. Louis.

Now that we have the primaries behind us, it’s time to re-prioritize what’s really important.  What’s happening on the inside of your home matters every bit as much as what happens on the outside—possibly more so.

We are going through a time of adjustment to the new reality that our Country is shifting to the left.  I asked my credentialed philosopher son to explain to me why this is so.  He said this is what happens when Christians stay home.  A lot of people wore themselves out to preserve the Nation, discovered that we lost many races to those on the left, gave up and quit.

It’s becoming obvious that although it appeared as if we weren’t advancing, at least we were retarding evil.  Without the efforts of everyone, the shift is expanding and accelerating to out-of-control levels.  We’re experiencing a cultural mudslide.  While trying to hold back clods of dirt, many feel like we’re losing it.

The only proper response is for us to rededicate ourselves to the mission of teaching a better way to our children, grandchildren and all those around us who want to hear and to keep remembering what it’s all about.

On today’s show, we talk with an author about how to do this.  Sarah Mae, author of Having a Martha Home the Mary Way, brings us comfort and shows us how it’s done in a way where we won’t lose heart.

Let me know your thoughts on how you plan to keep your sanity in a world that’s gone mad by leaving a comment below.

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I hope I can encourage all of you to stay the course. Forward and promote my newsletter to others who need to know there is a better way.

Thank you for your support and encouragement as we fight to take America Back!


Listen to our show this week.  Sarah Mae wrote, Having a Martha Home the Mary Way.  I interview her and you will glean some gems on what’s really important.

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  • Lora Tipton

    Hey, Cynthia! Hope all is well with you guys! Okay. I’ve been to a couple different grassroots type training programs. Here are my takeaways (most likely in order of importance):
    1) We worry about winning the next election, but the left worries about winning the next GENERATION (!!!!!!!)
    2) We don’t really know what we are doing most of the time. I highly recommend AFP’s GLA training (there’s an office in KC, O’Fallon, Sprgfld, and Columbia/Jeff City). It is BOOT CAMP for anyone needing to be involved in political ANYTHING (probably even school boards!). For “officer’s training,” FACL is best, but you DO need the boot camp first.
    3) If we don’t “stop the bleeding,” we are lost for good. The “bleeding” I’m speaking of is our children’s and grandchildren’s purposeful indoctrination, nay BRAINWASHING, by those who prefer we all be in slavery…whether white, black, red, or yellow.
    4) I think we need to start locally (don’t remember who, but someone said, “All politics are local”). Are you aware that if no more than 2 candidates for school board are running, their names do not have to appear on the ballot?! In the approx 560 or so school districts, there should not be ONE school board race that is not contested every year by at least a third, and preferably a fourth, school board candidate!
    5) Even so, as many as can afford, with either time or money, parents should be pulling their children OUT of government schools and keeping them out for at least the next 10 years. It is going to take that long, most likely, to stop the bleeding and straighten out Missouri’s education system (which SHOULD be Missouri PARENTS’ version of an education system, NOT the government’s!)
    Wow. I better quit–I don’t know how much of this will go through! I’ll copy it so I have it all in case it truncates…

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