The End of Obamacare

This is a picture of me with my brother, Jeff, who has taught me much about healthcare, governmental intervention and insurance issues.

The lesson learned by this Obamacare experiment is that government can mess up free markets.  So many people blindly embrace the notion that the government can fix all our problems.

However, on the positive side, our healthcare systems are still salvageable.  Like a wilted houseplant, the roots are alive and can come back if we adjust our policies to allow our free markets to return.

Here is a quote that explains the problems embedded in Obamacare:

“And now that the legislators and do-gooders have so futilely inflicted so many systems upon society, may they finally end where they should have begun: May they reject all systems, and try liberty; for liberty is an acknowledgment of faith in God and His works.
~Frédéric Bastiat – “The Law”

Whether one likes Obamacare or not, it’s still unconstitutional.  If someone came to your house and criticized your decorating, it would still be wrong for that person to break into your house and make changes to your decor.  Even if the person decorated your house with better colors, fabrics and better furnishings, breaking into your house is not allowed under our laws.  Likewise, even if the government came up with a fantastic plan of how everyone can get medical insurance, changing our healthcare system is still outside the prescribed purpose of our Constitution.  Here is a video that explains this.

I hope you enjoy listening to our show today as we speak with an expert on how we can undo the damage and how you can have better healthcare for less money.

What is  your opinion of Obamacare?  Do you want the Congress to repeal it or do something else?  Our guest said, “We can kill the beast if we starve it.”  What are you doing to starve the beast?

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1.)   If you’ve decided to get out of the rat race, share with me, your legislators and others what solutions you have come up with to economize on medical expenditures or ideas for helping yourself find lower cost insurance.

2.)  Invite me to speak.  If you have an event where you need a speaker, please let me know.  I am dedicating my energy on the places where I can make the greatest difference.  Please let the meeting organizer know that I can help your group understand the intersection of government and families in a way they may have never known before.  If you want me to come and help your efforts to educate and motivate your network, please click this button here:

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  • Wayne Okimi

    It is a blessing to receive your newsletters and to get your insights on the problems, opportunities and solutions that we face. Personally, I fit into many of the categories of U.S. citizenry that are affected by legislation and overreaching government. I am a minority citizen (Japanese heritage, born and raised in Canada, but went through the LEGAL process of becoming a U.S. citizen as a direct result of my reaction to the events of 9/11), owner of two small businesses. I am approaching senior age (now age 63). Although I am still blessed with relatively good health, I was (and continue to be) affected by the ACA, both personally (couldn’t keep my plan) and in my professional work as a healthcare financial consultant.

    One key point – it seems like a great idea to give everyone affordable health insurance, but only if there is a way for society to pay for it; in addition, Obamacare’s benefits were so poor or difficult to use that it could hardly be called affordable. And although it may be awkward, any patient that needs medical care can usually get it – and get it for free simply by not paying their bill or telling the medical facility up front that they needed charitable care. Hospitals are not permitted to turn away patients needing urgent medical care, and, last time I checked, it’s pretty difficult to repossess medical care.

    To have that awkward “free” healthcare replaced by a government program is a joke – there is very little that our governments do efficiently.

    I have personally changed my health care coverage to a health sharing ministry – not much experience to date (thankfully, in 2016 I had no medical needs except for routine prescriptions). In a nutshell, I pay $200 per month for individual coverage with a $500 annual deductible. Prescriptions aren’t covered unless they are related to a medical incident, but other than that exclusion, the ministry’s members share their medical expenses at 100% – in other words, as a group we pay 100% of each others medical expenses. It’s worth a look for anyone that needs a decent plan at reasonable rates. My personal choice has been Liberty Healthshare, a Christian-based organization.

    On another note, I have been intrigued by your offers to speak to groups. I am wondering what group size makes it worthwhile for you. I own a small convenience store with an even smaller bar/grill operation in Lincoln County. We could probably assemble a group of 10 to 20 customers, but since this customer base is not an organized group, that is only an estimate.

    Your thoughts?

    Again, thank you for the on-going newsletters.

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